Horse float solar

Date Posted:4 February 2019 

It is now becoming common-place to have living quarters in a horse trailer.

Solar power is an option to power LED lights, a small fridge, a vent fan, and charging of phone, tablet and laptop.  Possibly also a water pump for a sink. 

The photo below shows a motorhome leaving Solar 4 RVs after having three lightweight eArche 180W solar panels installed - one at the front and two at the rear of the float.  The 540W will provide good amount of power for roadside camping, dependent on the weather of course.


Horsefloat fitted with eArche solar panels to power living quarters



A genertor may still be needed in winter when there is high level of cloud cover and shorter days.

The float will need to be parked in the sun to keep collecting the suns rays or you can use an eArche 160W lightweight portable solar panel in the sun whilst the float iis parked in the shade.

Adequate battery capacity is needed to store the energy for later use e.g. evenings

An inverter will be needed if you wish to have 240V power e.g.for electric kettle

Avoid cheap panels and unreastic claims of performance.  It will be more expensive to remove failed panels and re-install quality solar panels later on.


eArche solar panels are:

low profile 

the only lightweight flexible solar panel approved by the clean energy council

robust with 5 year warranty

easy to install

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