eArche by Sunman is the next generation thin solar panel with a five year manufacturer's warranty for mobile applications and a 10 year warranty for buildings.

eArche (pronounced e-Arc) is a robust, lightweight, flexible solar panel that is perfect for caravans, motorhomes, boats, golf carts, trains, buses and other applications.

eArche thin solar panels for caravans, yachts and other off-grid and on-grid applications

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eArche lightweight thin solar panels with 10yr warranty on motorhome    eArche lightweight thin solar panels with 10yr warranty on boat    eArche lightweight flexible solar panels with 10yr warranty on shuttle


 eArche lightweight flexible solar panels with 10yr warranty on train    eArche lightweight thin solar panels with 10yr warranty on bus    eArche lightweight flexible panels with 10yr warranty off-grid


eArche thin lightweight marine solar panels on cruiser     eArche lightweight flexible solar panels on world's first solar train     eArche thin lightweight solar panels on curved carport roof


eArche has obtained a series of certifications for reliability, including: 

eArche accreditation and standards


 Accredited by Australia's Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) maintains the database and website listing of AS/NZS 5033-compliant photovoltaic (PV) modules for grid-connected commercial and residential applications. (Note: CEC approval is not required for solar panels on RVs and boats and other mobile applications as they are not connected to the grid.)


    Tougher, lighter, thinner

eArche thin lightweight solar panels have a tough top layer

        eArche lightweight solar panels are much thinner and lighter to conventional solar panels


Edging options:  

1)  Frameless - no edge

No edge on the 2mm panel provides a thin, low profile installation with good flexibility. Avilable in 100W and 160W

superior ultra-lightweight flexible solar panel with 5 year warranty

2)   8mm thickness EPDM rubber edging

This option provides a lightweight bendable edge protection for the panel.  The flexibility of this panel enables installation on curved surfaces.  Installation via high bond double sided adhesive tape or adhesive sealant provides a low profile secure bond.  Available in 50W

eArche EPDM rubber edge thin lightweight flexible solar panel for caravan or boat              

3)   6mm thin lightweight black anodized aluminium alloy frame 

This option provides support without thickness.  These panels have some flex but are not bendable.  This allows installation on thin, lightweight aluminium channels for an air gap.  High bond double sided tape can also be used for a low profile installation.  Available in 50W and 180W.

eArche lightweight solar panel for caravan or boat with thin frame for air gap                    


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