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Tinned copper ring terminal

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Tinned Copper Battery Cable Lugs - Electro Tinned Terminal Lugs for Optimal Crimping

Elevate your battery connections with our Tinned Copper Battery Cable Lugs. These terminal lugs, designed with exceptional performance and durability, are your solution for a superior and reliable electrical lug connection.

HellermannTyton offers mechanical and crimp electrical lugs and connectors for underground electrical cables for Heavy Duty, Medium Duty and light weight applications. Connect cables to electrical appliances, other cables, surfaces, or mechanisms with the our Crimping Terminal range.

The words "cable" and "wire" are sometimes mistakenly interchanged. Cables are made from multiple wire strands, while wires consist of a single strand. Both cables and wires may be used with cable lugs of a suitable type.

Copper cable lugs are used to terminate the ends of battery cable and welding cable so they can be connected to other electrical equipment such as starters, fuse blocks, distribution blocks, etc. Cable lugs are highly conductive and can handle very high currents. 

Bellmouth/Tapered Lugs for Seamless Cable Insertion

Experience smoother cable insertion and enhanced cable strain relief with our bellmouth/tapered/flared lugs. These lugs offer increased flexibility for your installation processes and contribute to the longevity of your electrical connections.

AS/NZS 4325.1:1995 Standard Compliance

Our cable lugs not only conform to AS/NZS 4325.1:1995 standards but also accepts AUS/NZS Tooling, ensuring top-tier quality and compatibility with a variety of battery ring terminals.

Electro Tinned Copper Material

Composed of 99.9% Oxygen-Free Electro Tinned Copper, these copper lugs offer excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance, ensuring reliable energy transmission.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Our terminal lugs operate effectively between -55C to 155C, showcasing their ability to withstand diverse environments while maintaining optimal performance.

Handheld or Hydraulic Crimping Capability

These annealed compression lugs can be crimped using either handheld or hydraulic crimpers depending on the conductor size, providing you with the flexibility to ensure a secure and efficient battery cable crimp.

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Specification Value
MATERIAL Copper Grade C11000
Conductive Material Copper 99.9% pure
Oxygen Content 30 p.p.m Max.
Tensile Strength 205 Mpa Min
Ductile Rating 40%
Final Metal State fully annealed
Electroplating Material tin 99.9% pure
Other Metals lead + antimony
Thickness 5 -10 microns
Conformant Standards AS/NZS4325 Part 1:1995
General Electrical Properties Total conductivity 99.9% IACS
Total resistivity: 1.72 micro-ohm cm
Operating Temperature -55°C to 155°C due to oxygen-free copper
SKU Lug-50-10BM
MPN # Lug-50-10BM

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