Hellermann Tyton Red 18-6mm 3:1 Glue-Lined Heat Shrink, 1.2m (Suits 25mm2 to 70mm2)

Twin/Dual Wall

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Secure and Streamline Your Connections with Hellermann Tyton Red 18mm to 6mm 3:1 Glue Lined Heat Shrink Tubing

Versatile Electrical Solution for Organized Systems

Introducing the Hellermann Tyton Red 3:1 Glue-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing, designed to effortlessly accommodate 25mm2 to 95mm2 wiring. This 1.2-meter tubing is the versatile choice for professionals seeking a neat and secure management of electrical connections, particularly for covering battery cable lugs in RV systems and other mobile applications.

Robust Insulation and Sleek Cable Management

With superior electrical insulation properties, our heat shrink is perfect for tidying up battery connections, offering a polished look while enhancing system organization. It acts as a robust strain relief for wire connections and provides dependable bus bar insulation in complex switchgear layouts.

Enhanced Durability and Safety for Mobile Environments

Engineered with a 3:1 shrink ratio, our tubing conforms snugly to a variety of cable sizes, delivering a secure encapsulation. Flame-retardant and self-extinguishing, it's rated for up to 600 volts, ensuring your connections are safe even under demanding conditions.

Resilience Against Environmental Factors

Chemical, corrosion, and fungus resistance, along with UV stabilization, make this tubing a durable choice for both indoor and outdoor applications, withstanding the challenges of diverse environments.

Color Coding for Simplified Maintenance

This heat shrink tubing not only conforms to ROHS standards but also supports efficient maintenance routines with its distinct red color, ideal for identifying positive connections in RV battery setups. Easily differentiate between positive and negative terminals to prevent confusion and ensure a foolproof system.

Professional-Grade Material for Optimal Performance

Choose Hellermann Tyton Red 3:1 Glue-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing for a professional-grade solution that emphasizes performance, durability, and compliance. It's the ideal choice for creating a clean, organized, and safe electrical setup in your RV, boat, or any application requiring clear color-coded connections.

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Specification Detail
Shrink Ratio 3:1
Length 1.2 meters
Voltage Rating Up to 600 volts
Temperature Resistance Flame retarded, self-extinguishing
Environmental Resistance Chemical, copper corrosion, fungus, UV stabilized
Compliance ROHS
Material Glue-lined
Application Suitability Ideal for automotive and RV systems, especially for battery cable lugs
MPN # R_HS_18-6_RED

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