Hellermann Tyton Black 24-8mm 3:1 Glue-Lined Heat Shrink, 1.2m (Suits 95mm2)

Twin/Dual Wall

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Enhance Cable Durability with Hellermann Tyton Black 24mm to 8mm 3:1 Glue Lined Heat Shrink Tubing

Robust Connection Protection

Empower your electrical installations with the Hellermann Tyton Black 24-8mm 3:1 Glue-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing. Designed for a perfect fit over 95mm² wiring, this 1.2m tubing is the professional's choice for creating enduring and protected connections, especially suitable for automotive and RV battery cables.

Superior Insulation for Maximum Safety

Protect your connections with confidence using our heat shrink that offers excellent electrical insulation. Ideal for automotive applications, it ensures that your battery cable lugs are securely covered, safeguarding against shorts and corrosion while maintaining a clean and organized look.

Durable Build for Challenging Environments

With a significant 3:1 shrink ratio, this tubing adjusts to various cable sizes, providing a tight and waterproof seal. The flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties certify safety in high-risk settings, rated for up to 600 volts to handle high-power demands.

Environmental Resistance for Long-Term Use

Formulated to resist harsh chemicals, prevent copper corrosion, and repel fungal growth, our tubing is also UV stabilized, making it an enduring solution for both indoor and outdoor conditions.

Efficient Maintenance with Clear Identification

Adhering to ROHS compliance for environmental safety, the black color of our heat shrink tubing facilitates easy identification of negative battery connections, contributing to a straightforward and error-free maintenance routine.

Streamlined Look for Organized Systems

Opt for the Hellermann Tyton Black 24-8mm 3:1 Glue-Lined Heat Shrink Tubing for its professional-grade materials that promise optimal performance. Whether tidying up your vehicle's wiring or managing cables in complex systems, this tubing delivers a sleek, organized, and secure setup.

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Specification Detail
Shrink Ratio 3:1
Length 1.2 meters
Voltage Rating Up to 600 volts
Temperature Resistance Flame retarded, self-extinguishing
Environmental Resistance Chemical, copper corrosion, fungus, UV stabilized
Compliance ROHS
Material Glue-lined
Application Suitability Ideal for automotive and RV systems, especially for battery cable lugs
SKU R_HS_24-8
MPN # R_HS_24-8

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