Victron MEGA Fuse 125A/58V for 48V products

High-Performance Overcurrent Protection

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Victron 125A MEGA/AMG Fuse - Efficient and Reliable Overcurrent Protection

Upgrade your electrical system's safety with Victron MEGA/AMG Fuses, specifically designed to offer superior overcurrent protection. Engineered for 58V systems, these fuses are ideal for ensuring your circuit's optimal performance while preventing potential short-circuits and overloads.

Versatile Range

With ratings ranging from 60A to 500A for 32V (12V & 24V) systems and 125A to 300A for 58V (48V) systems, you can find the perfect fuse for your unique electrical requirements. Each fuse is meticulously designed to provide an approximate voltage drop and cold resistance value, ensuring efficient and safe operation.

Superior Performance

Designed for resilience, Victron MEGA/AMG Fuses provide a high degree of current limitation, protecting your equipment from damaging short-circuit events. The voltage drop and cold resistance values are optimized to deliver maximum performance, making these fuses a dependable choice for your electrical system.

Trust in Victron

With Victron's reputation for quality and innovation, you can trust in the performance and durability of these MEGA/AMG fuses. Equip your electrical system with Victron's fuses to ensure superior circuit protection and maintain your system's operational integrity.

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Fuse Rating Appr. Voltage Drop Cold Resistance
MEGA fuse 60A/32V 60A/32V 120 mV 1.5 mΩ
MEGA fuse 80A/32V 80A/32V 90 mV 0.7 mΩ
MEGA fuse 100A/32V 100A/32V 90 mV 0.6 mΩ
MEGA fuse 125A/32V 125A/32V 90 mV 0.4 mΩ
MEGA fuse 150A/32V 150A/32V 90 mV 0.35 mΩ
MEGA fuse 175A/32V 175A/32V 90 mV 0.3 mΩ
MEGA fuse 200A/32V 200A/32V 80 mV 0.25 mΩ
MEGA fuse 225A/32V 225A/32V 80 mV 0.22 mΩ
MEGA fuse 250A/32V 250A/32V 80 mV 0.2 mΩ
MEGA fuse 300A/32V 300A/32V 80 mV 0.17 mΩ
MEGA fuse 400A/32V 400A/32V 70 mV 0.13 mΩ
MEGA fuse 500A/32V 500A/32V 70 mV 0.1 mΩ
MEGA fuse 125A/58V 125A/58V 90 mV 0.4 mΩ
MEGA fuse 200A/58V 200A/58V 80 mV 0.25 mΩ
MEGA fuse 250A/58V 250A/58V 80 mV 0.2 mΩ
MEGA fuse 300A/58V 300A/58V 80 mV 0.17 mΩ
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The automotive market comprises a broad range of applications requiring a reliable power supply. In vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances and police cars a human life may depend on an autonomous system. So it is vital that all systems function flawlessly. Victron Energy offers you such an answer. We are proud to offer you our modern translation for freedom and independence. Energy. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Off-Grid and Backup

The presence of a functional electricity grid is not always as obvious as it would seem to be. An insufficient infrastructure is often the cause for an unreliable grid. Things become even more difficult when there is no grid at all. And yet you are in need of a reliable electricity supply. A local and properly functioning system is the only answer at this point. Victron Energy offers you such an answer. We are proud to offer you our modern translation for freedom and independence. Energy, Anytime, Anywhere

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Whether you’re going on a short fishing trip or planning to sail across the ocean, you’ll need reliable power to enjoy your adventure to the fullest. But at Victron we believe reliability isn’t enough. We believe in Optimal Energy instead. In our view, a boat needs an intelligent power grid that adapts to any challenges you may encounter. With unparalleled reliability, without effort and at great value for money. That’s what we call Optimal Energy.

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Energy Storage

As more solar and wind power comes on line, it becomes increasingly difficult and expensive, to ensure stability of the grid. Intermediate energy storage is therefore rapidly becoming an essential tool to keep power fluctuations on the grid within manageable limits. Moreover, as feed-in tariffs are decreasing, the business case for a home energy storage system that increases self-consumption becomes more solid every day. Intermediate energy storage increases self-consumption of harvested solar and/or wind power. The natural next step is 100% self-consumption and independence from the grid.

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Victron Energy Limited Warranty Policy

Victron Energy warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase by the end user, with a maximum of 66 months from the Victron Energy invoice date. Exceptions on this are: lead acid batteries; 2 years from date of purchase by the end user, with a maximum of 30 months from the Victron Energy invoice date, Lithium-ion batteries; 3 years from date of purchase by the end user. In addition to this proof of correct battery usage is required when making a battery warranty claim.

During this period, Victron Energy will, at its option, repair or replace the defective product free of charge. The warranty does not include performing or reimbursing de‐installation, transportation and re‐installation. This warranty will be considered void if the unit has suffered any physical damage or alteration, either internally or externally, and does not cover damages arising from improper use like:
• Reverse of battery polarity.
• Inadequate connection.
• Mechanical shock or deformation.
• Contact with liquid or oxidation by condensation.
• Use in inappropriate environment (dust, corrosive vapor, humidity, high temperature, biological infestation...).
• Breakage or damage due to lightning.
• Connection terminals and screws destroyed or other damages, like overheat, due to insufficient tightening.
• For any electronical breakage except due to lightning (reverse polarity, over‐voltage due to external cause), the state ofthe internal control diode and of the inputs/output X and Y capacitors determine the warranty.

This warranty will not apply where the product has been misused, neglected, improperly installed, or repaired by anyone else than Victron Energy or one of its authorized Qualified Service Partners. In order to qualify for the warranty, the product must not be disassembled or modified.

Repair or replacement are our sole remedies and Victron Energy shall not be liable for damages, whether direct, incidental,special, or consequential, even caused by negligence or fault.

Victron Energy owns all parts removed from repaired products. Victron Energy uses new or reconditioned parts made by various manufacturers in performing warranty repairs and building replacement products. If Victron Energy repairs or replaces a part of a product, its warranty term is not extended. In case of replacement the new component has a warranty of 6 months, without effect on the initial warranty period. All remedies and the measure for damages are limited to the above. Victron Energy shall in no event be liable for consequential, incidental, contingent orspecial damages, even if having been advised of the probability of such damages. Any and all other warranties expressed or implied arising by law, course of dealing, course of performance, usage of trade or otherwise, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are limited in duration to a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.

Life Support Policy
As a general policy, Victron Energy, does not recommend the use of any of its products in life support applications where failure or malfunction of the Victron Energy's product can be reasonably expected to cause failure of the life support device or to significantly affect its safety or effectiveness. Victron Energy does not recommend the use of any of its products in direct patient care. Victron Energy will not knowingly sell its products for use in such applications unless it receives in writing assurances satisfactory to Victron Energy that the risks of injury or damage have been minimized, the customer assumes all such risks, and the Liability of Victron Energy is adequately protected under the circumstances.

As a product requires service, it must be brought back to the place of purchase. In case no contact can be taken with the merchant, or if he is either unable or not allowed to provide service, direct contact should be taken with Victron Energy.

Warranty on Repairs
The warranty period on products or on printed circuits boards repaired by Victron Energy as well as on printed circuit boards for replacement is 6 months from delivery by Victron Energy.

It is the responsibility of the sender to sufficiently package these products. The transport must be organized in a way to avoid any damage, especially when a single unit or heavy unit is sent.

If a part of the terms and conditions set out above is held invalid, void or unenforceable due to any particular national or international legislation, it shall not affect other parts of the terms and conditions remaining.

For Australia only
Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

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