Adhesives and Mounting Tapes

There are a number of methods to adhere flexible solar panels and other solar items.


High bond double-sided mounting tape

This method is recommended for adhering flexible solar panels to a caravan roof or boat deck or solid canopy.

Two types of tape are available:

  1. Butyl High Bond, and
  2. 3M Very High Bond (VHB).

Both Butyl and 3M are strong and highly elastic to minimise stress on the solar panel due to differential thermal expansion or movement.  


The high bond Butyl tape is suitable for a strong bond on horizontal applications such as roofs and decks.  The high water-resistant butyl rubber adhesive coated on a polyethylene net gives it dimensional stability with a siliconised white paper release liner.  The tape conforms to rough, textured surfaces and has a wide range of applications for joining, sealing waterproofing and vibration absorption.


As well as roofs and decks 3M VHB tape can be used for vertical appications such as installing controllers/regulators and other equipment and flexible solar panels on the front section (bullnose) of motorhomes and trailers. 


Edge Flashing tape

“FlexiFlash” Acrylic Film single sided edge flashing tape, when used along the edging of flexible solar panels, provides a waterproof and dustproof sealed edge. 

It has excellent conformability and the tape's flexibility allows it to adhere easily to a wide range of surfaces.

It is structurally resilient to environmental factors such as UV and humidity, making this product ideal for exterior applications.


Fix15 Adhesive Sealant 

FixSeal MSP15 is a high quality, single-component flexible adhesive joint sealant that is suitable for above and below waterline applications.  Based on a Modified Polymer®, it is chemically neutral and fully elastic.  

Suitable for use in low movement structural joints in marine, it is also suitable for automotive, aerospace, and construction applications where a tough flexible adhesive sealant is required.

Non-yellowing white or colourfast black are available. May be overpainted with water based paints.

Silicone sealant can also be used.

Edge Flashing tape 6m roll Flexiflash

Clear single sided 35mm wide x 6m length long


Edge Flashing tape 25m roll Flexiflash

Clear single sided 35mm wide x 25m length roll


Butyl Tape high bond double sided 10m roll

White 1.5mm thick x 20mm wide x 10M length roll


3M Tape Primer 94 0.66mL ampoule

Improves wettability of low surface energy materials