4mm² Twin PV1-F Solar Cable per Metre

cut to length - 1 metre increments

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4mm² Twin PV1-F Solar Cable - Cut to Length in 1 Metre Increments

Explore the versatility of our Premium 4mm² Twin Solar PV Cable, expertly tailored for diverse solar power applications. Ideal for RV and commercial solar setups, this high-quality cable, available in 1-metre increments, offers the perfect balance of durability and efficiency. Its tinned copper conductors ensure optimal energy transfer, while the dual-colored, Electron-beam Cross-linked XLPO insulation provides exceptional protection against varying weather conditions, making it a prime choice for outdoor solar installations.

Optimized for RV and Off-Grid Solar Installations

Our solar PV cable is a game-changer for both caravan solar arrays and off-grid systems. Boasting superior UV and temperature resistance, it delivers consistent performance in any environment. Rated to handle 55A at 60°C, it's built to sustain high-power solar setups. This makes it an ideal companion for your solar energy system, ensuring peak operation throughout the year. Its user-friendly design is highly appreciated by DIY enthusiasts and professional installers, simplifying the setup process and reducing installation time.

Reliable and Safe for Long-Term Solar Connectivity

Designed for longevity and safety, the 4mm² solar panel cable forms a dependable link between your solar panels and solar controllers. Adhering to international safety standards like TÜV IEC62930 and EN50618, it represents a wise, eco-conscious choice for your sustainable energy needs. Invest in this cable for a robust, efficient solar connection that you can trust for years to come.



Ref. No Twin 4mm2 Solar Cable
Standard TÜV IEC62930 /EN50618
Construction 2x4mm2
Construction Item Units 4mm2
Construction mm 56x0,29±0.008
Material --- Tinned copper wire
O.D mm 2.45
Material --- Electron-beam
Cross-linked XLPO
Avg.Thick mm 0.70
Min.Thick mm 0.60
O.D mm 3.85±0.10
Color --- Black and Red
Material --- Electron-beam
Cross-linked XLPO
Avg.Thick mm 0.80
Min.Thick mm 0.68
O.D mm (5.50±0.15)*(11.2±0.20)
Color --- Black/ Red
TÜV SÜD EN50618  IEC62930 2x4mm2  Solar (PV ) Cable 1.0/1.0 KV AC 1.5KV DC TÜV-Zert -CAUTION DC CABLE- DO NOT  DISCONNECT UNDER LOAD + BATCH NO +Meter
Electric Characteristics
Voltage rating :AC 1.0/1kV, DC 1.5KV
Temperature rating: -40ºC to120ºC
Maximum conductor temperature:120ºC
Current rating at 60℃: 55A
Spark test:AC-10kV/In the air
Conductor resistance:5.09Ω/KM Max at 20℃
Weathering UV-resistance:720h,No cracking
Thermal endurance properties: 25 Years
Short circuit temperature:250°C max 5 s
Physical Properties
Elongation of unaged values(%):≥125%
Tensile strength of unaged values (N/mm2):≥6.5&8.5
Aged in a full draft circulating air oven: 150±2.0℃/168h
Elongation of  After aging:≤30%
Tensile strength after aging:≤30%
Ozone resistance:72h            No cracking
Cold bend test:  -40±2℃*16h       No cracking
Cold impact test:-40℃*16h/1000g;100mm  No cracking
Flame test:EN60332-1-2

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