Ruuvi RuuviTag Pro Sensor (4in1) Wireless Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Motion Sensor

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Ruuvi RuuviTag Pro Sensor (4in1) Wireless Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Motion Sensor

To connect to a Victron Cerbo GX you will need a USB Bluetooth adapter plugged into the Cerbo.

Accurate and Durable Sensor for Versatile Conditions

RuuviTag Pro is a rugged IP certified environmental sensor for temperature, humidity and acceleration monitoring.

The Pro is based on RuuviTag’s successful concept and additionally brings several new outstanding features to the table. RuuviTag Pro is the toughest open source sensor on the market.

Waterproof Certified Temperature Sensor

RuuviTag Pro tolerates wet and rough conditions.

The IP67 certified RuuviTag Pro (3-in-1) comes with a breathable membrane that enables air humidity monitoring. It tolerates temporary wet conditions.

Note! Please keep in mind that Bluetooth signals are strongly attenuated in the water and range will be significantly reduced. Ruuvi sensors can then be used in narrow water if you want to maintain connection (for example pool or jacuzzi). If you want to measure deeper, you can attach the RuuviTag Pro to a string and take it back to the surface when you want to download the data history.

Medical Grade Temperature Accuracy

RuuviTag Pro has an extremely accurate temperature sensor on board. The sensor is designed to meet ASTM E1112 and ISO 80601 requirements for electronic patient thermometers.

Measurement resolution is  0.01 °C, while absolute accuracy is astounding at ±0.1 °C across the temperature range of –20 to +50 °C, with no calibration.

The sensor units are 100% tested on a production setup that is NIST traceable and verified with equipment that is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited standards.

Professional Mounting

RuuviTag Pro has two strong mounting ears that allow reliable installation methods to be used. Wooden ceilings, gyproc walls, concrete foundations, you name it. Attach and measure professionally wherever you need to.

Wide Temperature Range From -40 to +85 °C

RuuviTag Pro’s casing and electronics are designed to operate without interruption in a wide range of temperatures. Maintenance is minimal because the included Ruuvi CR2477T wide temperature battery lasts up to 2 years.

Temperature, Humidity, Air Pressure and Motion Measuring Made Easy

RuuviTag is a wireless Bluetooth sensor node that measures temperature, air humidity, air pressure and movement. You can read live measurements and history data directly on your smartphone using Ruuvi’s mobile app for Android and iOS.

Use your imagination and measure almost anything at your home, at work, in your hobbies.

1 minute quick start, multiple sensors in one device, long-life battery, mobile app

Easy to Use

All you need is a smartphone and RuuviTag sensors. Add as many as you like!

Download our Free App

Ruuvi Station mobile app is available on Android and iOS.

Why would I need Ruuvi products?

The use cases for Ruuvi sensors are unlimited and the only limit is your imagination. Read more about use cases and user experiences on the Ruuvi/Victron blogs and Ruuvi/Victron forums.

The Ruuvi products are designed in Finland and produced in France with the highest quality standards to ensure the best possible products at the end!

Victron's Blog on Ruuvi Temperature Monitoring to Victron Cerbo GX Compatibility

Wireless and battery powered temp sensors: the Ruuvi

Something quite new, and far more popular then I (Victron) anticipated to be honest: the support for the Ruuvi temperature sensors. Being powered by a small coin cell in the sensor, as well as wireless, they are super simple to install. And as such perfect to remotely keep an eye on your yacht or cabin in the winter. Or fridge or freezer temperatures, and so forth.

I have installed and am using some myself as well, and they are great. Less stress about pipes freezing up, as well as mould growing: it also reports relative humidity.

Here is a picture showing the sensor, and the reported data:

Ruuvi temperature sensor reporting data to the Cerbo GX with GX Touch 50 displaying the temperature, humidity, status, sensor battery

Here is how the data looks on the VRM Portal:

Ruuvi data being displayed in Victron VRM (virtual remote management)

A few notes:

  • To read data from the Ruuvi sensor, a Bluetooth USB adapter is required. For CCGX, Venus GX, and also for the Cerbo GX. A list of suitable and tested Bluetooth USB adapters is available in the Victron Venus 2.80 Blog posted on 31/01/2022.
  • Per v2.82, multiple Bluetooth USB adapters can be installed and will all be used to read data from the Ruuvis. This is nice, as it allows expanding the range by using a USB extension cable.

See the documentation for more details about this feature.

Controlling a relay on temperature

The relays on the GX device can now be controlled by temperature. For example to switch a fan, or heating pad. Here are two screenshots showing the configuration:

Display of the Cerbo GX on how to control the cerbo temperature relays using the input from the RuuviTag

In above example, the second relay will switch when the temperature in the engine bay rises above 45 degrees, starting the fan. And it will switch off once the temperature drops below 40 degrees C.

Both the first and the second relay can be configured to be controlled by temperature. And two sets of conditions can be configured, also for the same relay.

Purchase a RuuviTag Pro Sensor today and revolutionize your environmental monitoring by taking the first step towards smarter, more reliable industrial sensing solutions.

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Victron Blog Guide on Connecting a RuuviTag

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Specification Detail
Recommended operating temperature -20 ºC to +70 ºC (special temperature range battery for longer life)
Maximum operating temperature -40 ºC to +85 ºC (electronics and enclosure)
Battery 1000 mAh CR2477T Li/MnO2 battery (included)
Diameter 78.3 mm
Height 12.55 mm
Weight 38 g
Temperature units (on Ruuvi Station) Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
Humidity units (on Ruuvi Station) Relative air humidity, absolute humidity, dew point
Pressure units (on Ruuvi Station) Pa, hPa, mmHg, inHg
Temperature sensor accuracy ±0.2 °C typical absolute accuracy @ 5...60 °C, 0.01 °C resolution
Humidity sensor accuracy ±2 % typical absolute accuracy, 20...80 %, 25 °C
Pressure sensor accuracy ±1 hPa typical absolute accuracy
Main chip Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832
Ambient sensor Sensirion SHTC3, temperature and air humidity
Pressure sensor Infineon DPS310
Accelerometer STMicroelectronics LIS2DH12
Radio protocols Bluetooth (default), Wirepas Mesh, Lumenradio Mesh, Bluerange Mesh, ANT, Other 2.4 GHz proprietary protocols
NFC Embedded NFC™-A tag antenna
Enclosure material Polycarbonate
Waterproofing IP67, not suitable for continuous immersion. Use Goretex membrane sealed with waterproof tape for immersion.
Certifications CE, FCC, ISED, TELEC, IFETEL, NOM, RTCA DO-160, RoHS, IP67
SKU Ruuvi-4in1Pro
MPN # Ruuvi-4in1Pro

12 Month Warranty

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