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Solar 4 RVs needs Solar product Installers in all states

Monday 8 December 2014

We are rapidly expanding and need more authorised installers in major centres and regional areas in all states.  Perhaps you have a related business; such as auto electrician, caravan repairer or boat builder; or you are a tradie with a passion for solar power and can take on a few more jobs as they are referred.  Feel free to call Phil on 0488 918 910 for further information or if you know someone who may be interested please pass on our contact details or website address.

Solar 4 RVs Launch NEW Black Solar Panels

Monday 4 August 2014

These completely black flexible solar panels are the MUST HAVE for boats, utes, vans, SUVs and 4WD. 

The technology is the same as our other flexible Monocrystalline solar panels - they just look better!

We can obtain custom sizes to suit your particular application.  Call us now on 0488 918 910 for more information.

For flexible solar panel product details Click Here

Melbourne Leisurefest at Sandown - stand 244 

Monday 1 September 2014

We welcome you to come and visit our stand at Leisurefest and chat to us in person.

Melbourne Leisurefest will be held at the Sandown Racecourse, Princes Highway, Springvale from Thursday 2 October to Sunday 5 October 2014, 10am to 5pm Thursday - Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday.

There will be show specials on all 4 days.

Solar 4 RVs product range has expanded 

Monday 8 September 2014

As well as the German made Votronic brand we provide products from Victron, Enerdrive, Blue Sea, Bainbridge Technologies,  and DC solutions (including OzCharge) at less than the recommended retail price. Contact us to see what prices we can offer on these products.

Click on the logos below to download the catalogues.

Melbourne Leisurefest  at Sandown Victoria

Monday 6 October 2014

Thank you to all the individuals and families that visited our stand at Melbourne Leisurefest between Thursday 2nd and Sunday 5th October.  It was very interesting to hear about the applications of solar power from converted buses to yachts to utes and just about everything inbetween.  We look forward to assisting many of you in the coming weeks with design of your solar systems.

Solar 4 RVs attends All-Energy Australia 2014 - Exhibition and Conference  

Tuesday 7 October 2014

We will be attending the All-Energy Australia Exhibition and Conference on 15th and 16th October.  This is Australia's biggest clean & renewable energy event - of particular interest will be the solar Energy Zone.

Support for East Timor Sustainable Solar Project  

Wednesday 8 October 2014

Solar 4 RVs is supporting the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) in it's aim of creating a sustainable solar industry in East Timor.   The Solar for Timor plan aims to install 2000 solar lighting systems and train 75 village-based installers in the next two years,delivering an overall 60kW of low-emission solar energy. 

The project has been named a finalist in the Google Australia Impact Challenge.  The Challenge rewards innovative not-for-profit initiatives that use technology to change lives, with the public asked to vote for their favourite.   The most number of votes by 13 October will secure a $500,000 grant for their project.

​To vote click here

The ATA is a not-for-profit organisation promoting household renewable energy, sustainable design and watersaving.  For more information on their work in East Timor go to:

Solar 4 RVs volunteers at National Tree Day Event

Friday 18 July 2014

It was a pleasure for Solar 4 RVs to take part in the Knox Council Corhanwarrabul Creek Business Tree Planting Day as part of National Tree Day.

We valued the opportunity to join with like-minded businesses and make a contribution to the local area.  The tree planting day really fitted in with our corporate philosophy of caring for our resources and the environment.  It was very satisfying to see how much the group had planted in a short space of time.  Amazing what a team effort can achieve.

Solar 4 RVs presentation to Alternative Technology Association in Sydney 

Tuesday 10 June 2014

Phil and Trish undertook a quick overnight visit to Sydney to present to members of the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) Sydney Central Branch on the topic of small scale, high quality renewable power systems.

Solar 4 RVs Editorial in Caravanning Australia Magazine

Monday 30 June 2014

The winter Edition of Caravanning Australia magazine has a two page editorial on Solar 4 RVs titled 'Solar Simplified' (pages 54 and 55).

You can download a copy here

Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC) a winner

Thursday 3 July 2014

The SPEC is proving to be a powerful tool for those wishing to estimate what size solar system they need for their caravan/RV.  The questions are designed to take into account the many aspects of calculating your power needs including what your power consumption is and where and when you are likely to travel.

You can access the SPEC here 

Of particular interest was the Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC) and management of Lithium batteries.

Our appreciation goes to David Winterton for the invitation and being a great host.  Thank you to all those that attended.

Solar 4 RVs attends Darwin 4WD, Boating & Outback Camping Expo

Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 May 2014

The Darwin Showgrounds drew large crowds for this expo.  The most popular item at our booth was the 120W compact portable solar panel pack with 10 metre extension lead and waterproof MPPT controller/regulator.  Having the ability to power a portable fridge in the tropical climate with a small compact, lightweight power system proved a winner.

Following the Expo we spent a week visiting individual customers regarding their solar power needs on caravans, camper trailers, motorhomes, utes, boats and even a houseboat plus discussions with camper trailer manufacturers.

Thank you to the Territorians for their hospitality.

Solar 4 RVs is invited to be Guest Speaker at Renewable Energy Forum

Thursday 20 March 2014

The Alternative Technology Association (ATA) Sydney Central Branch has invited us to speak at a forum on 10 June in Sydney on the topic of small scale, high quality renewable power systems particularly for nomads.  Integrating Lithium battery technology will be one of the key points for discussion.

The ATA has more than 5000 members across Australia focussed on reducing their environmental footprint through energy efficiency, solar power, rainwater tanks, and recycling.  We look forward to sharing stories about the practical applications of renewable energy systems with the ATA members and the public that will be attending.   

You can visit the ATA website here.

Solar 4 RVs success at Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring SuperShow at Caulfield

​Wednesday 12 March 2014

Our stand generated significant interest from the public and RV manufacturers.  So much so in fact that we called in an extra person on the Monday public holiday to cope with demand.  

We thank everyone for their patience whilst they waited for a member of the team to discuss products and solar system configurations appropriate for their specific needs.

The feedback revealed that visitors valued the personalised advice provided and appreciated the opportunity to handle our thin, flexible and lightweight solar panels and the Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery cells that were on display.

Votronic product specialist at Solar 4 RVs Expo stand

Thursday 6 March 2014

The Australian and New Zealand Distributor for Votronic, Charlie Lun, flew in from Auckland yesterday to join our stand for the first four days of the Victorian Caravan, Camping and Touring SuperShow at Caulfield.  We use Votronic products because they are lightweight and robust and we appreciate that Charlie will provide detailed information to visitors at the stand. 

The German company Votronic has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of electronic devices for mobile applications; specifically campers & caravans, boats, off-road and expedition vehicles plus fire fighting & intervention vehicles since 1987.  We use Votronic products because they are lightweight and robust.

​The Expo commenced today and is open to the public for 6 days until Tuesday 11 March.

Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panel product testing - air gap or no air gap?

Friday 17 January 2014

PV Panels are typically installed with an air gap underneath, so that natural air flow dissipates heat. However, Monocrystalline semi-flexible panels are intended to be mounted to an underlying solid surface using polyurethane adhesive which results in higher module temperature.   

 Prior to offering the panels for sale to customers, Solar 4 RVs conducted testing with two identical flexible panels mounted next to each other directly onto a simulated caravan roof; one panel having an air gap underneath and the second with  no air gap.  The testing under extreme summer sun with an air temperature approaching 44°C showed the efficiency of the panel with no air gap was reduced by approximately 9% compared to the panel with an air gap.  This is an extreme worst case, and normal weather conditions will not result in much or any power loss.   With the sun at a lower elevation later in the day the temperature difference was reduced. Given that surplus power is typically generated in summer, the reduction in power is not significant and confirms that the semi-flexible panels are suitable for mounting directly onto RV and caravan roofs.

Read the full report here

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