Morningstar EcoPulse PWM 20amp

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Morningstar ECOPULSE PWM solar charge controller:

The EcoPulse is a pulse width modulation (PWM) solar charge controller within Morningstar’s Essential Series™ of products which provides essential off-grid battery regulation functions. This controller is easy to use, and designed for residential and leisure consumer applications.* Metered and non-metered versions of this product are available at 10, 20, and 30 amp charge ratings for 12 and 24 volt battery systems.



High Reliability – conformally coated circuit board and corrosion resistant terminals.

Robust Thermal Design – extruded aluminum heatsink dissipates heat quickly without using cooling fans.

Durable Casing – high strength polycarbonate case.

LED Fault Indications – alert when short circuit, over current, high voltage, and other error conditions take place.

Automatic Solar Based Lighting Control – field adjustable dusk ‘til dawn setting.

Adjustable Charge Settings – seven presets and a custom setting can be set via DIP Switches or by the meter display buttons.

Adjustable Load Control – load control can be adjusted via meter display.

Optional Meter – multi-lingual interface with scroll buttons to adjust the settings and display metrics.

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