Solbian Australia - Premium for Marine

Solar 4 RVs is the Australian importer of Solbian flexible panels made in Italy

Made in Italy

Tested on racing yachts

5 year warranty

Solar 4 RVs is appointed by Solbian Italy as their Australia and New Zealand importer of SolbianFlex distributing to the public and business re-sellers.

  • Premium flexible solar panels made in ItalyGiovanni Soldini recommends Solbian lightweight solar panels
  • Lightweight.  Many sizes less than 2kg
  • Proven technology of crystalline silicon cells encased in special lightweight polymers selected by researchers of CNR, a patented technology.  The polymers have a high resistance to weathering, and degrading agents such as thermal shock, fog and salt water, and solar radiation enabling certification according to IEC 61215 and 61730
  • Long life even under the most extreme conditions, tested on racing yachts.  5 year warranty
  • Tough, Textured surface : Giovanni Soldini, skipper of the Maserati 70-foot carbon fibre, mono-hull racing yacht which took 4th in line honours at the 2015/16 Rolex Sydney to Hobart advises it is less slippery during critical conditions in ocean crossings.


Solbian flexible panels on a kayak     Electric golf cart with Solbian flexible solar panels     Solbian flexible panels on tent     Solbian solar panels installed on an ambulance     Trimaran Spirit with Solbian flexible solar panels


The Range available


SP (SunPower) series

Tested on the great racing yachts, the SP series is the top of the Solbian range due to the use of selected SunPower monocrystalline silicon cells that reach a record 24% conversion of sunlight into electricity.  The electric contacts create a thick pattern resembling two interpenetrating combs on the rear of the cell, this guarantees an optimal management of micro fractures, without power loss.  

A textured panel surface is now available on the SP series of SolbianFlex. The slightly thicker layer is more scratch resistant and less sensitive to UV. 

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SP All-in-One

The Solbian ALLinONE (AiO) range is part of the SP series and is also manufactured with SunPower™ monocrystalline silicon cells.   These panels have an inbuilt MPPT controller so all you need to do is connect the output cable to your battery.  All the electronics you need, capable of boosting the voltage for a perfect fit to your battery, is already packed into the sophisticated MPPT controller in a rugged waterproof enclosure attached to the panel.


SR (Super Rugged) series

The monocrystalline high efficiency SR cells are sandwiched by two patented metallic grids.  The grid on the front is carefully tailored to optimize the current harvesting, while the one behind the cell offers strong mechanical support.  The grids essentially form a double shield that acts as a conducting reinforcement to the solar cell.  With extreme crack and bend tolerance are built-in the SR series panels offer a guarantee of high efficiency and unmatched durability in flexible solar panels.


SXp series

The polycrystalline solar cells used in the SXp series are electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface, resulting in thousands of contact connected points. This alternative to the standard bus-bar method allows a higher module power and increases the energy yield.  This technology is optimally suited to flexible modules, due to its intrinsic insensitivity to micro-cracks, that are the most common cause of energy loss in solar modules.  Another advantage is a reduced sensitiveness to shading, a quite important issue in marine and mobility applications.


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