Solbian Australia

Solar 4 RVs is the Australian importer of Solbian flexible panels made in Italy


Solar 4 RVs is appointed by Solbian Italy as their Australia and New Zealand importer of SolbianFlex SolbianFlex solar panels on racing yacht Maseratidistributing to the public and business re-sellers.

  • Premium flexible solar panels made in Italy
  • 5 year warranty
  • Lightweight.  Many sizes less than 2kg
  • Proven technology of crystalline silicon cells encased in special lightweight polymers selected by researchers of CNR, a patented technology.
  • Long life even under the most extreme conditions, tested on racing yachts.
  • The polymers have a high resistance to weathering, and degrading agents such as thermal shock, fog and salt water, and solar radiation enabling certification according to IEC 61215 and 61730



Solbian flexible panels on a kayak     Electric golf cart with Solbian flexible solar panels     Solbian flexible panels on tent     Solbian solar panels installed on an ambulance     Trimaran Spirit with Solbian flexible solar panels


A textured panel surface is now available on the SP series of SolbianFlex. The slightly thicker layer is more scratch resistant and less sensitive to UV. 

Giovanni Soldini, skipper of the Maserati 70-foot carbon fibre, mono-hull racing yacht which took 4th in line honours at the 2015/16 Rolex Sydney to Hobart advises it is less slippery during critical conditions in ocean crossings.


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