Exotronic Maxi Blade Fuse 50A

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Exotronic Maxi (Large) Blade Fuse: The Optimal Automotive Fuse Choice

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your automotive electrical systems with our Maxi Blade Fuses. Designed as a superior car fuse/auto fuse/caravan fuse, these auto fuses provide a reliable solution to protect your circuits from overcurrent, enhancing your vehicle's performance.

Fast and Reliable Operation for Safety

Our automotive blade fuses offer a rapid response to overcurrent scenarios, operating as quickly as 0.04 seconds for 600% of the rated current. Their ability to break at 1000A at 32VDC makes them a solid choice for maintaining the safety of your electrical system.

High-Quality Fuse Construction

Composed of Silver Plated Zinc Alloy terminals and sturdy Nylon housing, these fuses offer exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Capable of operating within a wide temperature range of -32C to 200C, they ensure consistent performance across diverse conditions.

Nylon: The Preferred Material for Diverse Fuse Applications

Nylon's unique combination of properties makes it an ideal choice for the housing of fuses. Known for its exceptional chemical resistance, Nylon withstands exposure to a wide range of substances, thereby ensuring fuse longevity even in harsh conditions. It also boasts impressive dielectric strength, meaning it's highly resistant to electric stress, a crucial factor for high-voltage fuses.

In addition, Nylon's notable tensile strength and toughness provide robust mechanical protection, safeguarding the fuse from physical damages.

Convenient Test Points: Simplifying Diagnostics in Fuse Applications

Our fuses are designed with integrated test points, providing a practical and efficient solution for diagnostics. This feature allows for easy and direct testing of the circuit without the need to remove the fuse, simplifying maintenance routines and enhancing safety. By checking these test points with a multimeter, you can quickly assess if your fuse is functioning correctly or if it needs replacement, thereby ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of your electrical system.

Standards Compliance for Peace of Mind

Our blade fuses comply with SAEJ2077, ISO 8820, and UL248 Special Purpose Fuses standards. You can trust their quality and safety, knowing they meet these rigorous standards.

Fuse Range for Varied Needs

We offer a comprehensive range of Maxi blade fuses from 20A to 100A with different cold resistance values and distinct colours for easy identification. Whether you're replacing a car fuse, caravan fuse, or any other automotive fuse, choose the perfect fit for your specific requirements.




Breaking Force 1000A@32VDC
Voltage Rating 32VDC
Operating Temperature Range -32C to 200C
Terminals Silver Plated Zinc Alloy
Housing Material Nylon
Standards Compliance SAEJ2077
ISO 8820
UL248 Special Purpose Fuses


Operating Time

% of Rating Minimum Maximum
100 100hr
135 10s 30min
200 2s 60s
350 0.2s 7s
600 0.04s 1s


Fuse Range

Part Number Current Rating Cold Resistance (±10%) Colour
Exo-Max-NL-020 20 3.90mΩ Yellow
Exo-Max-NL-025 25 3.20mΩ Tan
Exo-Max-NL-030 30 2.60mΩ Green
Exo-Max-NL-040 40 2.00mΩ Orange
Exo-Max-NL-050 50 1.67mΩ Red
Exo-Max-NL-060 60 1.20mΩ Blue
Exo-Max-NL-070 70 1.10mΩ Brown
Exo-Max-NL-080 80 1.05mΩ White
Exo-Max-NL-100 100 0.98mΩ Purple
SKU Exo-Fu-Max-050
MPN # Exo-Fu-Max-050

Warranty Statement

Exotronic warrants its accessories, to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of the authorised dealer's invoice to the original purchaser. This warranty is applicable for mobile and marine applications, provided that:

  • The product is correctly installed and used under normal operating conditions for which it was intended.
  • All warranty claims are received by an authorised Exotronic Dealer and approved by Exotronic.

Exotronic reserves the right to repair, replace, refund, or compensate for any decrease in value due to a defect.

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