Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box

Versatile Solution for a Robust Portable Power Station

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Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy Duty Large Portable Battery Box

A Robust Portable Power Station Battery Box for Diverse Applications

Our Exotronic Heavy Duty Battery Box is ingeniously designed to house up to a 35kg AGM/Gel or Lithium battery with fitting dimensions. Fabricated from durable ABS, this portable power station can accommodate a battery measuring up to 340mmL x 192mmW x 240mmH.

Advanced Display and Control Features

This heavy-duty battery box features a light-up display that converts battery voltage into a state-of-charge value, ideal for lead-acid battery types such as AGM as well as temperature. Please note, however, that this state-of-charge monitor may not accurately reflect the status of lithium batteries due to their distinct state-of-charge/voltage relationship. Therefore, using a lithium battery with Bluetooth and/or adding a Victron SmartShunt is recommended.

Effortlessly manage power with the provided ON/OFF switch with keyed/removeable button, designed to disconnect the battery during periods of inactivity. The box comes equipped with auto-resetting circuit breakers on the cigarette sockets and Anderson connectors. A 175A Anderson connector, wired directly to the battery, facilitates jump-starting functionality.

Multiple Outlets for Varied Applications

The battery box has been upgraded to include a total of 8x 50A Anderson plugs (4x flush mounted rear Andersons, 4x side Andersons), a 175A Anderson plug for jump-starting, 3x 12V cigarette sockets, 2x 2.1A & 1x 2.4A USB sockets, and 1x QC3 USB Port. These multiple outlets allow you to power various devices simultaneously. Notably, the 3-pin 50A grey and the adjacent Anderson connector are the only two outlets that require external fusing, providing an opportunity to tailor the safety features to the specifications of your specific devices if used.

Create Your Portable Power Station

Transform a conventional deep-cycle battery into a portable power station or establish a simple dual battery setup using a DC-DC charger or Voltage-Sensitive Relay (VSR) with our heavy-duty battery box. Charge the battery from various sources, including solar panels via a solar charge controller, by plugging into one of the 50A Anderson-style ports. A large digital display ensures easy monitoring of the battery's charge status and voltage.

Key Features

  • Constructed from UL 94V-0 compliant fire-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Equipped with a wide range of port types for versatile device connections.
  • Effortless connection of a DC/DC charger or solar panel to charge the battery, or use a Voltage-Sensitive Relay (VSR).
  • Ability to jump-start vehicles using the 175A Anderson (battery type must be suitable)
  • All ports are recessed into the body for enhanced damage protection.
  • Large digital display with temperature for easy monitoring of battery status.
  • Allows for an effortless dual battery setup.

Note: Battery is not included.

Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box FAQs

What's the difference between the Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box and its predecessor?

The Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box comes with several improvements over its predecessor. It accommodates a larger battery size up to 340mmL x 192mmW x 240mmH, while its predecessor accommodated a maximum size of 324mmL x 180mmW x 240mmH. Furthermore, this advanced version includes 8x 50A Anderson plugs compared to 4x in the previous model. Additional features like the QC3 USB Port and more auto-resetting circuit breakers on the sockets and Anderson connectors are also new additions that enhance functionality and safety.

Is the Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box waterproof?

The Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box is not waterproof. It can be safely used outdoors, but care should be taken to avoid exposure to water or excessive moisture to prevent damage to the box or the battery housed within.

Can I use the Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box to power my inverter?

Yes, the Exotronic Multi-Outlet Heavy-Duty Battery Box is a versatile power solution that can power a variety of devices. With 8x 50A Anderson plugs, 3x 12V cigarette sockets, and multiple USB ports, it's well-suited to power a wide range of camping gear such as lights, fans, small appliances, and more. You can use the 175A Anderson for up to a 1500W inverter. However, always ensure that the power requirements of your devices do not exceed the output of the battery within and note the 175A Anderson is not internally fused, so an external fuse is required.



Maximum Battery Weight 35kg
Weight without Battery 4.5kg
Maximum Dimensions of Battery 385mmL x 160mmW x 240mmH OR 340mmL x 192mmW x 240mmH
External Dimensions 455mmL x 240mmW x 330mmH
Material UL 94V-0 compliant fire-resistant ABS plastic
Connections 8x 50A Grey Anderson plugs, 1x 175A Grey Anderson plug, 3x 12V cigarette sockets, 3x USB sockets, 1x QC3 USB Port
Additional Features ON/OFF switch with keyed/removeable button, auto-resetting circuit breakers, large digital display with temperature
SKU Exo-BB-2105-01
Barcode # Exo-BB-2105-01
MPN # Exo-BB-2105-01

Warranty Statement

Exotronic warrants its battery boxes, to be free of defects in workmanship and materials for a period of 24 months from the date of the authorised dealer's invoice to the original purchaser. This warranty is applicable for mobile and marine applications, provided that:

  • The product is correctly installed and used under normal operating conditions for which it was intended.
  • All warranty claims are received by an authorised Exotronic Dealer and approved by Exotronic.

Exotronic reserves the right to repair, replace, refund, or compensate for any decrease in value due to a defect.

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