Enerdrive 36V 100Ah ePower B-TEC Lithium Battery

Equipped with an internal Battery Management System

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ePOWER B-TEC LiFeP04 36v 100Ah Lithium Battery
Available in 12v 100Ah, 125Ah, 200Ah and 300Ah capacities and 24v & 36v 100Ah, the ePOWER B-TEC lithium battery is designed and intended for use in deep cycle applications where a single battery is required that meets the amp hour capacity.

Smart Phone Monitoring System
The Enerdrive ePOWER B-TEC battery incorporates wireless Battery Monitoring Technology. By downloading the Android™ or Apple® app to your smartphone or tablet device, you can monitor the following information;

  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery Voltage
  • Battery Current (Amps)
  • Battery State of Charge (SOC)
  • Battery State of Health (SOH)
  • Battery Status
  • Individual Cell Voltage
  • Battery Temperature
  • Battery Cycles
  • Battery Alarms
  • Battery Event Information
  • Battery Management System
  • The battery is also equipped with an internal Battery Management System that can monitor and optimise each Prismatic cell within the battery during normal operation. It will protect the battery pack from over charge, over discharge, over temperature & short circuit. The BMS helps to ensure safe and accurate operation of the battery.

Size & Weight Savings
Lithium v AGM Capacities;

100Ah Lithium = 160Ah AGM
125Ah Lithium = 200Ah AGM
200Ah Lithium = 320Ah AGM
300Ah Lithium = 480Ah AGM
(Based on standard depth of discharge for both Lithium (80%) and AGM (50%).

The ePOWER B-TEC battery provides 60% more usable power than its equivalent lead acid cousin and being nearly 50% lighter and 30% smaller makes for a superior alternative.

The ePOWER B-TEC battery is perfect for camper trailers, 4WD’s (AUX battery), caravans, small water craft, low power communication sites or any other application that requires the use of a single deep cycle battery that meets the amp hour capacity.

With over 7 years of researching, designing and testing lithium batteries and the associated charging systems, Enerdrive are at the forefront of lithium battery systems in Australia. Enerdrive are the only Australian company that can supply a fully integrated self-branded energy system to suit your setup.

With over 3000 complete systems in operation Australia wide, Enerdrive is regarded as the leader in the field of lithium batteries and energy systems for Mobile, Marine and Remote applications.

Please Note; The B-TEC battery is capable to be paralleled to a second B-TEC battery of the same size. For maximum performance and lifespan of your B-TEC battery, no more than 2 batteries should be connected together to increase your overall capacity. Overall loads when paralleled should not exceed the current limits of a single batteries BMS.

If you are requiring a battery system larger than ePOWER B-TEC battery, please look at the Enerdrive Pro Series Power Pack Systems which can offer multiple parallel and series connections with Active Cell Balancing Protection across the entire pack.


MPN # EPL-100BT-36V

Enerdrive Pty Ltd warrants its Lithium batteries to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the following Applicable Warranty Period:

2 years for commercial, industrial, marine and automotive applications in cycling and non-cycling applications *
An additional 24 months Pro-Rata warranty is included in the battery *
Two Year Limited Warranty

Our goods come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure and for compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure.

The limited warranty program is the only one that applies to this unit, and it sets forth all the responsibilities of Enerdrive. There is no other warranty, other than those described herein. Any implied warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose on this unit is limited in duration to the duration of this warranty.

Enerdrive Pty Ltd warrants its Lithium batteries (hereafter referred to as “Battery”) to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the following Applicable Warranty Period:

2 years for commercial, industrial, marine and automotive applications in cycling and non-cycling applications. The battery is warranted, to the original purchaser only, to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for two years from the date of purchase without additional charge. The warranty does not extend to subsequent purchasers or users other than OEM applications.
An additional 24 months Pro-Rata warranty is included in the battery. The pro-rated price is calculated as a percentage of the current suggested retail price. Pro-Rata warranty applicable to original end user only.
Enerdrive does not warrant the battery for use in any residential system sold with the intent or purpose of a “Tariff Adjustment Program” of any type.

The Enerdrive ePRO battery monitor that is standard with every Lithium-Ion battery kit is pre-programmed by Enerdrive to suit the battery configuration. Any changes that are made to the pre-configuration programming of the ePRO meter will void all warranty of the battery & system.

The warranty does not cover a battery reaching its normal end of life which may occur prior to the warranty period stated above. Depending on the application a battery can reach its normal end of life before the end of the warranty period.

A battery can deliver only a fixed number of usable cycles / amp-hours over its lifetime and is considered to have reached its normal end of life if the application uses up all of these cycles / amp-hours, regardless of the time the battery has been in service. Therefore Enerdrive reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if it determines the battery to be at its normal end of life, even if the claim is lodged within the applicable warranty period.

The Applicable Warranty Period begins from the date of purchase with original receipt, or, if no receipt is available, from Enerdrives invoice / shipping date.

Batteries determined to meet the conditions of this warranty will be replaced free of charge if, at the sole discretion of Enerdrive, adjustment is necessary due to defect in material or workmanship. Batteries for warranty replacement consideration are to be returned to the original supplying distributor/dealer.

Batteries replaced under the warranty provisions will be shipped with a replacement warranty sticker and carry only the remainder of the original Applicable Warranty Period.

The battery is not designed or warranted in the following areas:

The Battery is NOT to be used in any Aviation aircraft application.
The Battery is NOT to be used in any lifesaving applications.
The Battery is NOT to be exported to USA/Canada and their territories.
Any residential system sold with the intent or purpose of a “Tariff Adjustment Program” of any type.
PLEASE NOTE: The battery has a self-discharge rate of 5% per month @ 25°C. When storing the battery with the main latching relay dis-engaged, the ePRO Battery Monitor and Advance Relay Driver will still be powered adding a further drain on the battery. It is the responsibility of the end user to maintain the battery in a charged state. The battery should not be left for more than 30 days without checking its charge state. Enerdrive recommend that a battery left in a “storage state” should be checked and charged every 30 days to maintain maximum life expectancy of the battery. Failure to follow these requirements will see an early failure of the battery which is not covered under warranty.

General Provisions:

Enerdrives Pty Ltd has no obligation under the limited warranty herein in the event the battery is damaged or destroyed as a result of one or more of the following:

Wilful abuse, misuse, physical damage, neglect or if the decorative cover has been removed.
Natural forces such as wind, lightning, hail; damage due to fire, collision, explosion, vandalism, theft, penetration or opening of the battery case in any manner.
The supplied Enerdrive ePRO battery monitor is pre-programmed by Enerdrive if and any changes are made to the pre-configuration programming of the meter, all warranty is void.
The battery MUST be installed in an upright position. Installing it upside down or laid on its side will void warranty.
Overcharging, undercharging, charging or installing in reverse polarity, improper maintenance, allowing the battery to be deeply discharged via a parasitic load or mishandling of the battery such as but not limited to using the terminals for lifting or carrying the battery.
Charging sources that do not have programmable lithium profile configurations and charge voltage between 13.5V and 14.5V (no lower than 13.0V and no higher than 14.7V) will cause early failure of the battery. Use of such chargers with the battery will also void the battery’s warranty. For applications where an alternator is present, the alternator must deliver between 13.5V and 14.2V when measured at the Battery’s terminals. Alternators that do not have a regulated charge between 13.5V and 14.2V (no lower than 13.0V and no higher than 14.7V) will cause early failure of the battery. Use of such alternators with the battery will also void the batteries warranty.
All Enerdrive batteries are supplied with an additional battery installation kit. Failure to install or properly install the battery and its installation kit will void the warranty.
Repair or attempted repair of the battery by anyone other than an authorized Enerdrive representative shall void this warranty.
Normal or accelerated deterioration in the electrical qualities due to operating or application conditions.
If the battery is used for an application that requires higher cranking power or a greater reserve rating than the battery is designed to deliver, or the battery capacity is less than the battery capacity specified by the manufacturer, or the battery is otherwise used in applications for which it was not designed.
Prolonged storage of the battery with either no charge or a parasitic consumption load applied must be offset with a maintenance-float charger of no more than 13.5V or periodic charging or disconnecting the battery to prevent irreversible damage to the battery.
A battery with an open circuit voltage (OCV) of equal to or less than 10.0V will be deemed as over discharged and void warranty due to misuse and/or neglect.
WARNING – Do NOT use any type of oil, organic solvent, alcohol, detergent, strong acids, strong alkalis, petroleum-based solvent or ammonia solution to clean the battery covers and end plates. These materials may cause permanent damage to the battery covers and end plates and will void the warranty.
Return and/or Repair Policy

If you are experiencing any problems with your unit, please contact our customer service department at support@enerdrive.com.au or Phone 1300 851 535 before returning product to retail store. After speaking to a customer service representative, if products are deemed non-working or malfunctioning, the product may be returned to the purchasing store within 30 days of original purchase. Any defective unit that is returned to Enerdrive within 30 days of the date of purchase will be replaced free of charge.

If such a unit is returned more than 30 days but less than two years from the purchase date, Enerdrive will repair the unit or, at its option, replace it, free of charge. If the unit is repaired, new or reconditioned replacement parts may be used, at manufacturer’s option. A unit may be replaced with a new or reconditioned unit of the same or comparable design. The repaired or replaced unit will then be warranted under these terms for the remainder of the warranty period. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges on all returned items back to Enerdrive.


This warranty does not cover damage or defects resulting from normal wear and tear (including chips, scratches, abrasions, discolouration or fading due to usage or exposure to sunlight), accidents, damage during shipping to our service facility, alterations, unauthorized use or repair, neglect, misuse, abuse, failure to follow instructions for care and maintenance, acts of god, fire and flood.

If your problem is not covered by this warranty, contact our Support Team at support@enerdrive.com.au or phone 1300 851 535 for general information if applicable.

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