Blue Sea Marine Rated Battery Fuse (MRBF) Terminal Fuse - 75A

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Highly Reliable Blue Sea MRBF Fuses for Superior Electrical Protection

Discover our extensive selection of Blue Sea MRBF Fuses, designed specifically for high-current protection in challenging environments. Suitable for 12V, 24V, and 48V electrical systems, these compact fuses excel in safeguarding crucial components in spaces where room is at a premium, such as DC Main, inverters, windlasses, and bow thruster circuits.

Robust and Compact Design

Our MRBF Fuses feature an isolated stud design using standard M8 hardware, allowing for efficient terminal stacking. This space-saving design provides an effective solution for ensuring the longevity and performance of your electrical equipment, whether you are dealing with limited space or simply looking for a sleek, unobtrusive protection method. Note that these fuses require the use of Terminal Fuse Blocks PN 5191A/B or PN 2151 and should not be mounted directly to the battery terminal.

Added Safety Features

These MRBF Fuses offer ignition protection, a vital safety measure in environments where ignition hazards are a concern. An insulating cap accompanies each fuse, preventing accidental shorts and enhancing the overall safety of your electrical system. Making them safe for installation aboard gasoline-powered boats.

Versatile and Efficient

From protecting alternator outputs and starter motor inputs to safeguarding accessory circuits, our MRBF Fuses are the ideal choice for a variety of applications. Regardless of whether your system operates on 12V, 24V, or 48V, these fuses provide dependable protection without compromising on space or safety. Their interrupt rating also satisfies ABYC requirements for DC Main circuit protection on large battery banks.

Easy Maintenance

For easy maintenance, our MRBF Fuses feature a clear window for visual indication of blown conditions. They are also colour-coded for each amperage, making it simpler to identify and replace them when necessary.

Enhance the protection of your electrical system with Blue Sea's MRBF Fuses. For exceptional current protection and safety, choose our MRBF Fuses today.

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About the Blue Sea MRBF Series

Designed for the most demanding environments, the MRBF-XXX Series Marine Rated Battery Fuse offers high current protection even in the tightest space constraints. Suitable for main and auxiliary circuit protection applications, it can be used for alternator outputs, starter motor inputs, and accessory circuits. The breaking capacity meets the requirements of conventional vehicle batteries and 12V, 24V, and 48V electrical networks.

Operating Times

  • 200% Rating: > 100 h Max
  • 135% Rating: 900 sec max
  • 350% Rating: 60s min
  • 600% Rating: 0.1s - 1s max, <0.2s


Offering full-range circuit protection for automotive and marine applications. The break-in capacity meets the requirements of conventional vehicle batteries and 48V electrical networks.


  • Voltage Rating: 58Vdc Maximum
  • Maximum Amperage: 30A - 300A
  • Ingress Protection: IP66
  • Interrupt Rating:
    • 10000 AMP @ 14Vdc
    • 5000 AMP @ 32Vdc
    • 2000 AMP @ 58Vdc
  • Color Coded (see next page)
  • Terminal Stud: M8 (5/16")
  • Maximum Torque: 75 in-lb (8.47 Nm)
  • Weight: 0.16lb (0.07 kg)
  • Material:
    • Body - Ceramic
    • Housing & Cover: UL-rated 94V0 Thermoplastic
    • Ring Terminals - Tin Plated
  • Compliances: ISO 8820-6

Additional Features

  • CF Cover
  • CF Bar
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Barcode # 632085051808
MPN # BS-5180B

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