Tony Longhurst Luxury Catamaran

Date Posted:25 May 2017 

Solar 4 RVs / Solar 4 Boats supplied 15 Solbian SP125 for Tony Longhurst’s fully-electric catamaran 'Kato'. 

The black flexible solar panels were installed during the boat building process so they could be rebated into the deck in three rows of five panels.  No junction boxes or cabling is visible as the panels were supplied with solder tabs underneath the panel.

Tony is a two-time Bathurst 1000 winner, and owner of The Boat Works in Coomera.  His luxury vessel is the biggest boat built by the team at Noosa Marine at just under 20m in length and about 8.6m wide.


Photos courtesy of Noosa Marine.

Solbian flexible solar panels     Solbian solar panels on Tony Longhurst's Catamaran


5 Solbian black flexible solar panels