Solar panel laser cut for unique artwork

Date Posted:17 December 2018 

We never anticipated that our solar panels would be laser cut into the shape of the International Date Line!

A work of art by James Geurts sees two of our 90W lightweight flexible solar panels used in an artistic piece titled 'Greenwich Mean Time – 0 Degrees: International Date Line- 180 Degrees’, 2018'.  The artwork takes the shape of time zone zero, situated in a binary with the line marking the first hour of the new day on earth.


a solar panel is laser cut into the shape of the International Date line


James visited our showroom and we spend time going through all the various solar panel options that would meet his vision for the finished art piece.  

The artwork was displayed at the Greenaway Art Gallery Adelaide, 21 November to 21st December 2018.

The exhibition titled ‘Seismic Field’ examined the relationship between geophysical forms and consciousness. Geurts intervenes the processes of scanning, polaroid photography and 3d mapping as site actions, disrupting the form and colour field, blurring the lines between geology and technological praxis. The works investigate seismic phenomena and cultural context, amplifying their perceptual and physical thresholds.

James Geurts draws out geographic and conceptual forms that are layered within specific sites of research and examines how natural and cultural forces shape perception.  His sculptures, drawings, videos, photography and Land Art have been exhibited at:

  • National Gallery of Victoria;
  • White Cube, London;
  • Gemak, Den Haag Netherlands;
  • Centre for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Israel;
  • Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide;
  • La Chambre Blanche, Quebec; and
  • the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.