Date Posted:20 May 2016 

Solar 4 RVs has designed a solar system for the PNG Not-for-profit School-in-a-Box project.

Sustain Education Art Melanesia (SEAM) Fund's very first School-in-a-Box for Kokoda Track Foundation (KFT) teacher training college in Kou Kou has arrived in Papua New Guinea.

When closed, the box is secure and weather-proof.  When opened the box has a fold-out work space with shelves plus resource materials such as books, art supplies and other equipment such as computers.

All school materials are protected by a super-durable, weather resistant stretch canvas roof from ‘Stretch Marquees and Flexible Fabric Structures’ with retro-fitted guttering system that collects rain water. 

On the roof are two of our 120W flexible solar panels.   Our kit also includes two Victron controllers (one for each panel) and a Victron inverter for power, plus a 200Ah LiFePO4 (lithium) battery with Battery Management System.  Owner Phil donated many hours to designing the off-grid system and assembling it in a compact easy to use way to suit the ‘box’.

School in a Box is designed by award winning Stephen Collier Architects.

SEAM supports small community-based projects in Papua New Guinea, the largest of the Melanesian islands of the South-West Pacific. As a small organisation with few overheads, all donations made to SEAM go to support community projects.


School-in-a-box miniature prototype       School-in-a-box miniature prototype       School-in-a-box concept design


School-in-a-box concept       School-in-a-box solar charge controllers and inverter       School-in-a-box solar power designed by Solar 4 RVs


School-in-a-box ready for shipment to PNG       School-in-a-box arrives in Papua New Guinea


School-in-a-box setup ready for solar power installation       


School in a box SEAM fund PNG

Images from Stephen Collier and SEAM fund