Custom solar panels for camper manufacturer

Date Posted:30 September 2015 

A camper trailer manufacturer with a limited amount of roof space wanted to offer their customers solar power but did not want the appearance of the solar panels to be intrusive or add significantly to towing weight.  

Solar 4 RVs was able to design a configuration that utilised the full space available using customised sizes of flexible panels made to order.

Using lightweight flexible panels at less than 2kg each meant the camper trailer would minimise extra weight in comparison to rigid solar panels.

The easy installation method of using adhesive sealant instead of brackets also saved considerable time, and therefore cost, during production.  Phil travelled from Melbourne to New South Wales to visit their manufacturing premises and provide a personalised session with the staff.  

Being able to use custom sized flexible solar panels meant the manufacturer was able to offer a good amount of solar power to their customers with a neat appearance.​​​

Other RV manufacturers around Australia have also benefited from ordering custom sized panels for their models.

One-off orders for custom sized panels can also be made by the public.  The turnaround from ordfer to delivery can take around 2 months but for RV and boat owners with unusul shaped roofs or decks this is a perfect solution.


CLICK HERE for the choices of thin lightweight flexible solar panels available


camper manufacturer receives custom sized solar panels from Solar 4 RVs

flexible panels made to order for custom sizes