Solar 4 RVs is on the SMART 100 finalist list

Date Posted:24 July 2018 

Solar 4 RVs has scored a spot on the SMART 100 Finalist list for its 'specialist service model for off-grid mobile solar'

Anthill’s SMART100 are chosen for the unique nature of the innovations and for their ability to achieve consumer adoption and commercial success.


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In order to rank the Top 100, ‘maven’ judges (experts in a particular field) are engaged to evaluate and rank companies and their innovations across eight criteria.  

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Solar 4 RVs on Smart100 Awards list 2018


This innovation initially came to life when…

There were no companies in Australia specialising in lightweight solar solutions for caravans, boats and vehicles. Off-grid power for mobile applications introduce a diverse set of considerations compared to residential solar including:

  •  Vehicle movement resulting in changing sun angles;
  •  Towing weight limits requiring lightweight options;
  •  Awkward installation sites including curved roofs, boat decks or canvas biminis;
  •  Various environmental conditions including salt water, dust or corrugated roads;
  •  Batteries may be idle for months at a time.



The purpose of this innovation is to…

…give people and businesses access to solar power for motorhomes, campers, yachts, ferries, golf buggies, utes, trucks, emergency vehicles, tool trailers and equipment, regardless of their technical expertise, by guiding them through the complexities of product choice and installation options.

It does this by…

…offering a full-suite of services and products called ADAPT including an initial ASSESSMENT, DESIGNING a system, providing ADVICE, recommencing and supplying quality compatible PRODUCTS and ultimately THROUGH-LIFE SUPPORT.



This innovation improves on what came before because…

Technical advice and support is provided so people can identify what size solar system meets their needs, what compatible quality products suit their application, and how to install onto various surfaces such as aluminium, canvas, fibreglass. This alleviates their stress in reading copious, contradictory information on the web and trying to identify what is accurate and which claims are realistic.

Its various benefits to the customer/end-user include…

Access to the largest range of lightweight, high efficiency, thin solar panels with the latest technology plus reliable and detailed advice accumulated through years of engineering field trials, research and testing not easily replicated by competitors.



In the past, this problem was solved by…

Guesswork or using solar installed on buildings as a guide. Issues for mobile applications such as towing weight, curved roofs, movement, environmental conditions and idle batteries for months were not considered. Glass topped panels are heavy (a 155W rigid panel weighs 10.7kg and is 35cm thick) yet a 150W thin solar panel weighs 3.3kg and is 3cm thick.

We are unique in that we provide the technical expertise to support the purchase and provide a variety of product options.



It is made for…

Travellers, holiday makers, caravan/boat manufacturers and industry.
Statistics show RV registrations reached 615,301 at 31 January 2016 with 63% of grey nomads spending more than 3 months away so the positive impact of sustainable travel is significant. Thousands of customers and over 400 businesses utilise the design and advice service and buy the lightweight products.

Caravan parks are expensive so larger water holding tanks, showers, toilets and washing machines are becoming must-have items for free-camping. They increase weight so lightweight, sophisticated solar systems are required to cope with increased loads and length of time without grid power.

It is available for sale through…

A showroom, storage warehouse, workshop and offices South East of Melbourne plus RV manufacturers, auto electricians, marine electricians, marinas and boat builders across Australia.


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