Small Business Digital Taskforce Video Released

Date Posted:3 April 2018 

Small Business Digital Taskforce Features Solar 4 RVs in Interview

We're proud to announce that our interview with the Small Business Digital Taskforce is now featured on the Australian Government's official website. This feature underlines our commitment to digital engagement, which is pivotal in enhancing productivity and fostering a vibrant, dynamic economy in Australia.

Across Australia, small businesses from varied industries are embracing digital technology, witnessing four primary benefits:

  • Time-saving efficiency through digital processes
  • Increased flexibility and mobility, enabling operations anywhere, anytime
  • Revenue growth via expanded customer reach and new market exploration
  • Investment protection through robust digital infrastructure

Our case study is part of a selection of 11 businesses showcasing how Australian small businesses are leveraging the benefits of the digital economy.

Solar 4 RVs case study video screenshot

Interview with Trish Chapallaz from Solar 4 RVs screenshot

Going Digital - small business case studies screenshot