Australian Solar Council Member Profile Video

Date Posted:20 July 2017 

The Australian Smart Energy Council (formerly the Australian Solar Council) has featured Solar 4 RVs on their website 'Member Profiles' page.

The video was professionally filmed by the Council and is a mixture of interview and narration.  It provides an overview of the types of products and services that Solar 4 RVs provides, the projects we have been involved in and how we became a multi-award winning company that is leading research and testing on lightweight flexible solar panels.


Click on the link below to the Smart Energy Council member profile page and scroll down to the Solar 4 RVs video.


Australian Solar Council Member Profile video Solar 4 RVs


Smart Energy Council 

The Smart Energy Council is the peak body for the solar, storage and smart energy in Australia.

The Council defines smart energy solutions broadly as solar PV, solar thermal, solar hot water, battery storage, smart controls, energy management, energy monitoring and trading, electric vehicles, pumped hydro, wind energy, hydro, bioenergy, ocean energy, geothermal, hydrogen, co/trigeneration and hybrid and enabling technologies  plus others.

The council has over 1000 members and drive the industry forward by:

  • Promoting smart energy policy and actively lobbying for our members
  • Marketing, brand placement & promotion
  • Providing timely market intelligence and actionable insight
  • Connecting industry with potential customers and partners
  • Training and professional development
  • Keeping members up to date with industry standards
  • Delivering member only alerts, events and networking


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