RADpower range

 RADpower flexible solar panels by Solar 4 RVs with ETFE technology

Premium flexible solar panels with ETFE technology for quality

These RADpower Monocrystalline PhotoVoltaic (PV) flexible solar panels are Solar 4 RVs brand so we are very focused on consistent quality and reliability. 


Range available 


RADpower SunPower

These flexible solar panels are made with genuine latest release SunPower Maxeon Gen III cells.

Features :

  • Highest efficiency cells - latest release SunPower Maxeon Gen III cells (no seconds).  Our manufacturer has certification from SunPower that they access genuine SunPower cells and they provide us with the SunPower certificate of origin;
  • Lightweight - 2.3 kg for 110W
  • Thin - only 3.5mm


RADpower Multi-Mesh

These flexible solar panels contain high performance and high reliability solar cells with Smart Wire Connection Technology (SWCT)


  • Lightweight - 2.8 kg for 130W
  • Thin - only 3mm 

Features of SWCT:  

  • No bus bars so less eletrical loss during transfer;
  • Due to the dense contact matrix, the solar cells have a significantly higher efficiency.  In comparison to conventional 3-busbar technology, SWCT delivers an increased performance yield of 6%;
  • SWCT exhibits an increased energy yield in terms of kWh/Wp under real outdoor conditions;
  • More effective power generation - dense wire mesh matrix enables increased power extraction;
  • 20.6% efficiency and low light performance;
  • Cells more resistant to cracking.


Both ranges have:

  • Tough UV resistant ETFE top layer
  • Sealed junction boxes to prevent moisture penetration that can cause corrosion;
  • Eyelets can be added in our workshop
  • Zips can be added by your canvas machinist
  • Detailed instructions provided based on extensive research, testing and field trials (for vented air gap or installation on canvas)



 Flexible solar panels installed on curved roof surface of motorhome        Boat canopy with RADpower flexible solar panels installed      Yacht bimini with RADpower flexible solar panels 

 Kimberley Kamper with custom size black RADpower flexible solar panels     Avan with two flexible solar panels installed     Caravan free camping with solar power


Monitoring quality

We do not purchase cheaper off-the-shelf solar panels that may have overlapping, damaged or inferior cells, sharp edges, unsealed junction boxes or silicone partially blocking cells near the junction box. 

Our manufacturer has a clear understanding of our Australian quality expectations and customer needs.  They manufacture to our specifications for each order we place.  This ongoing professional relationship and communication facilitates reliable and consistent stock quality.  We have visited the factory in China as part of our continuous improvement and quality control program.


2 year product warranty.  


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