Remote Control Units, Displays/Monitors and Interface Cables

SmartSolar Pluggable Display

For 150V & 250V SmartSolar Charge Controllers


V.E. Direct Cable

Select up to 10m

From $26.00
From $26.00

VE.Direct to USB interface Victron

Connects products with a VE.Direct connection to devices


1% OFF

RRP $50.60

VE.Direct TX digital output cable Victron

Use with BlueSolar MPPT 75/15 or the MPPT 100/15


3% OFF

RRP $17.60

Votronic Data Extension Cable 5m (call for any other length)

RJ12 connectors, with 6-core modular cable


VE.Bus Smart Dongle Victron

Bluetooth to VE.Bus products & temperature sensor


1% OFF

RRP $140.80

VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart Dongle Victron

Bluetooth to MPPT or BMV battery monitor