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Quick access to the Solar 4 RVs Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC)

The components you need:

  • Solar panel(s)plus cable and adhesive sealant
  • Solar Charge Controllerto regulate the electricity from the panels to charge the batteries
  • Battery 
  • Battery monitoring and protection


See product descriptions on Our Products page

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The Our Products pagewill help you become familiar with the main components
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Ascertain your power needs.  It can be difficult to determine what capacity of solar system you require.  We have designed an online Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC)to determine your RV power usage and therefore solar power needs.

The calculator is designed to assist you to determine your current and future power consumption.  When you have completed the online questions, a recommendation is provided regarding the best solar system package to meet your needs based on your answers.   


Consider the products recommended based on the SPEC. Check the particulars of the recommended components and consider the the products and pricing.  

You may wish to do more research so you are 100% comfortable with progressing to the purchase stage.  We are confident you will come back to us knowing we provide the best solution for your particular needs, with the best value for money.


Understand solar power​ in the context of RVs and become as knowledgeable as possible.

Understanding the terminology used, and the components used, will raise your confidence level and decrease the chance of  making the wrong decision.

It's easier than you think and all the information is on our website.  Feel free to phone us on (03) 97 63 33 63 to have a discussion and we can answer your questions.

Assessing your Caravan / RV solar power needs

How much electricity do you use in your RV?
How much solar power will you need?
What solar system will suit the type of travel you do?

What to consider

We can provide solar power products and kits specifically designed for your RV taking into consideration:

  • The size and shape of your RV;
  • How much power you use at any point in time in your RV (how many appliances/devices you turn on at once);
  • How much energy you consume on a regular basis in your RV (how long you have appliances/devices running);
  • How much solar energy you will be able to regularly obtain (this depends on when and where you travel and sunshine hours that your panels receive);
  • How long you wish to be self-sufficient relying on solar power (independent from mains electricity).