326Ah Caravan Lithium Off-Grid Conversion Bundle Kit w/ 3000VA MultiPlus

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Grab a bargain when you buy a complete off-grid package!

The pack includes all of the following equipment:

  • Solar 4 RV's 326Ah Lithium Battery
    • Made in-house utilising Solar 4 RV's designed and manufactured serviceable cell housing system, the design keeps compression on cells, and allows individual change-out, quick change-out of the BMS if needed, reduces heat transfer from BMS to cells, and you can see exactly what you're getting!
    • CALB EV grade lithium cells with 4,000 cycle life at 100% Depth of Discharge until 80% of original and an 8-year warranty, i.e. after 8 years or 4,000 cycles between full charge and empty, the battery will be 260Ah or more.  These cells also contain a ceramic coating system and can allow a standard charge of 0.6C or a standard charge up to 195A. 
    • 250A Daly Smart Bluetooth BMS including cell balancing. this allows for monitoring of cell voltages, battery current and more.  Plus has all the vital protections: Short Circuit, Overcurrent, High Voltage, Low Voltage, High Temp, Low Temp, Out of Balance and more.
  • Victron BMV-712 Bluetooth Battery Monitor - Includes a shunt and display to readout: State of Charge in percentage, time until discharged/recharged, battery voltage, current in/out and more
  • Enerdrive DC2DC 40A+ Charger including MPPT - This allows quick charging from the alternator when travelling at up to nearly 50A and when stationary can charge using the MPPT input from the solar panels
  • Victron MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 Inverter / Charger - 3000VA Inverter + 120A Mains Charger + 32A AC Automatic Transfer Switch
    • A 3000VA inverter can run virtually any appliances that can be plugged into a 10A wall socket
    • 120A Mains Charger for quick charging from the grid or a generator, when connected to mains or a generator, the unit can charge, and deliver 3000VA of output power at the same time.
    • 32A Automatic Transfer Switch will detect and transfer the 240V caravan power to the grid without interruption and the MultiPlus will act as an Uninterruptable Power Supply 
  • Victron Digital Multi Control - On/Off/Charger Only Switch with AC Current control panel
  • 2x Exotronic 225W High Efficiency 25mm framed solar panels - Using all the latest technologies, 23% efficient mono-PERC cells, 9-wire busbar, square-cut cells, these panels are 225W in a 1570 x 700mm footprint
  • Wiring Guide/Diagram including recommend fuse and cable sizes and integration support to connect to your existing system, i.e. connecting to a BMPro or PM200/PM300 in a Jayco.



Enerdrive + Victron - 5 year warranty
CALB 326Ah Battery - 8 year warranty on cells and 3 year warranty on BMS

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