140W RADpower Lightweight Solar Panel - Golf Cart Size

Sunpower MAXEON Gen III cells

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Perfect for 36V or 48V golf carts, resort, utility, housekeeping and industrial buggies 

SunPower cells are the highest efficiency available on the market.  They are compact in size so the flexible solar panel has a smaller dimension to obtain the same output of power.

This means that you can purchase the same amount of watts in a panel but the panel will be a smaller, more compact size.

  • Highest efficiency available - genuine A Grade Maxeon Gen III cells are supplied directly by SunPower
  • Panel tested for EL (electroluminescence) to check that there are no invisible micro-cracks in the cells.  IV curve test with flash sun simulator checks that the panel outputs the rated power.
  • ETFE top layer for UV protection
  • Slight textured surface for robustness
  • Lightweight

Product includes install kit to bond panel and provide a vented gap between roof and panel

Genasun Boost Controller recommended to increase the voltage in order to charge a 36V or 48V battery bank. 



Dimensions (mm): 940mm x 800mm x 3mm

Junction box (JB) location: top of long end underneath panel

Cable: PV1-F solar rated cable 2m long

Cell type: Monocrystalline

Cell brand: SunPower GEN III MAXEON A grade

Peak power (Pmax): 140Wp

Open circuit voltage (Voc): 28.7V

Max power voltage (Vmp): 24.4V

Short circuit current (Isc): 6.08A

Max power current (Imp): 5.74A


1 years product warranty

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