Broken mast ends record breaking sail

Date Posted:4 April 2017 

We sadly report a devastating end to Lisa Blair's record attempt.

Lisa Blair's yacht mast snapped 895 nautical miles south of Cape Town in 40 knot winds and seven metre swells.  She made a pan-pan call signifying a problem with her vessel, but did not issued a mayday call for help.  Lisa is not injured.  She rigged up an emergency storm sail and was provided with fuel to motor into port.

Lisa Blair was on her 72nd day at sea attempting to be the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo and unassisted in less than 100 days.   Our thoughts are with her.  She was so close - the disappointment must be unimaginable.

As one of her sponsors we have been closely following her courageous adventure.  


Lisa Blair's epic solo sailing adventure    Lisa Blair sails around Antarctica with Solbian solar panels