Solar panel clearance - only a few items left

Over 400 clearance panels were initially available for this sale so to avoid an overwhelming amount of panels remaining on display we immediately remove the options that are sold out.     Therefore sold out panels will not be visible.


Please read the descriptions for each product carefully as general photos are provided.  

All surfaces have a smooth PET coating (not ETFE).  

These panels are not recommended for constant expose to the sun, however they are a cost-effective solution for permanent installation if your caravan/camper is stored under cover when not being used.  They are also excellent as a portabale solar panel and can be stored under your mattress when travelling and pulled out when parked.

NOTE: If your solar panels are going to be exposed to the sun full-time we suggest purchasing our RADpower solar panels with ETFE top layer, our eArche solar panels or Solbians.


Free install kit provided

All Clearance panels come with a FREE Installation kit, detailed installation instructions and technical support with a 1 Year Warranty provided.

Install Kit Includes (Sizes 18w, 30w and 60w)

  • Very High Bond Tape attached to the panel.

Flexible solar panel options include white or black background


On sale until sold out so not all of the following options will be available for all sizes.  


  • standard white background; or
  • black background so black cell shapes are less noticeable as they blend into background


Junction boxes:

Junction box underneath flexible solar panel
solder tabs underneath flexible solar panel enable a completely flat surface on  top

    junction box underneath

    (1m cable attached); or

  • solder tabs underneath (we will provide a working with tabs installation guide on purchase)  



eyelets in each corner of flexible solar panel
  • factory fitted eyelets in each corner of the panel; or
  • no eyelets

Clearance stock so no back-orders available . No returns if you change your mind.

Click on each product below to access the panels specifications.

Read our buyers guide on how to read panel specifications here

18W - Black; 434x277x3mm; junction box underneath; no eyelets

ONLY 2 LEFT! Free Installation Kit Provided

Now $70.00

On Sale

34% OFF

RRP $106.00

18W White; 434x277x3mm; tabs under, no eyelets

ONLY 1 LEFT! Free Installation Kit Provided

Now $70.00

On Sale

34% OFF

RRP $106.00