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Portable Fold-up Solar Panel Kits

Flexible Solar Panel Kits

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For an overview about how to assess your power requirements go to the Assess Your Needs page.

When purchasing a solar panel kit consider this....!
Not all solar system kits are created equal. For example, a company might use the latest solar panels, but to save money not include the best solar charge controller or cabling. 

A reputable brand MPPT solar charge controller such as the German made Votronic or Dutch brand Victron will provide better performance than other cheaper imports.

Cable gauge and quality will also have an impact on a system's performance and possibly safety. 

Be sure you are obtaining quality.

To determine what size and combination of products are best suited to you then go directly to the Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC)

Solar 4 RV Solar Power Kits

Solar 4 RVs provide kits with various combinations of products that cater for different needs.  

Optional inclusions are items that are not required by every customer (e.g. battery, inverter).

Is a solar kit the right choice for you?

​Designing an optimum solar power system for your boat or RV is no simple task.  You need an integrated system with compatible products plus items required for installation. 

If our kits do not suit your particular requirements or you are integrating solar with existing products you already have, such as a DC-DC charger, then we suggest you utilise our advice and design service to obtain a personalised kit configuration.   We will ensure your product combinations are appropriate for your needs and upgradeable.

You can utilise our design service by calling Phil on 0488 918 910  to discuss your particular circumstances.  Depending on the complexity of your design there may be a fee which is refunded if you proceed with your purchase.