CALB 320Ah Lithium Battery & 250A Daly Smart BMS

Balanced, assembled and programmed
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16 x 3.2V cells assembled in a 320Ah 12.8V configuration using CALB 80Ah cells and a Daly Smart BMS with Bluetooth and balancing. Assembled by Solar 4 RVs in Australia.  Perfect for a 3000W inverter.

280mmH x 580mmL x 140mmW including the BMS and cables.


​Why 80Ah? 

As lithium cells become larger, their cycle life decreases, 80Ah is a good balance between practicality and lifespan.

Click the "Download Manual" icon under the main image for the full specifications.

  • Continuous Discharge Current: 1C (80A)
  • Pulse Current: 3C (240A, 30 seconds maximum)
  • Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 1C (80A)
  • Recommended Charge Current 0.3C (24A)
  • 3,000 cycles in nominal conditions when cycled between 100% (3.65V) to 0% (2.5V) until 80% of original capacity


  • Qualified for RoHS and CCC with high safety
  • Anti-explosion safety valve
  • Aluminium shell for better cooling
  • Ceramic membrane used to enhance safety
  • High density - 121Wh/Kg
  • High charge/discharge rates
  • Expected to operate for more than 3,000 cycles in optimal working conditions


  • Using top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from Seiko of Japan. The IC itself has power a balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable
  • Strong load ability, high constant discharge current, using high voltage tolerant and ultra low resistance power MOSFETs. Daly's extra large heat sinks and sealed thermal coating greatly assist cooling
  • Voltage detection for each cell so each cell will be protected from over charge or over discharge. The over current and short circuit protection function is a built-in feature to preserve the life of both the BMS and cells.
  • Temperature protection during charging and discharging
  • Extremely low power consumption. The consumption of the whole device is between 50 - 600uA depending on the model without Bluetooth. While the Bluetooth module is on, 15mA.
  • Program via UART to PC cord or let Solar 4 RVs know your battery capacity and we can program the unit for you
  • Look up SMART BMS by DalyBMS on the Android Play Store or iOS App Store
    • Monitor state of charge
    • Current in/out
    • Power in/out
    • Temperature
    • Charge/discharge MOSFETs open/closed
    • If balancing
    • Individual cell voltages, overall voltage, maximum cell voltage, minimum cell voltage, differential voltage



Technical Parameters






Nominal Capacity


Standard Discharge


Minimal Capacity


Standard Discharge


Working Voltage


Room Temperature

Note: Working voltage at different temperature refers to section 4.2.5 and 4.4.7


Internal Resistance(AC. 1kHz)


New Cell   50%SOC


Charging Time

Standard Charge


Reference Value

Fast Charge



Operating Temperature

Charging Temperature


Refer to section 4.2

Discharging Temperature


Refer to section 4.4






Shell Material




Charging Model






Standard Charging Model

At room temperature, charged to 3.65V at a constant current of 24A, and then, changed continuously with constant voltage of 3.65V until the current was not more than 4.0±0.5A.


Standard Charging Temperature


Cell Temperature


Absolute Charging Temperature


No matter what the charging model is, once the temperature of the cell is above the absolute charging temperature, charging should be stopped.


Absolute Charging Voltage

Maximum 3.8V

No matter what the charging model is, including pulse charging, once the voltage of the cell is above the absolute charging voltage, charging should be stopped.


Discharging Model






Standard Discharging Model

At room temperature, discharge to 2.5V at a constant current of 80A.


Maximum Constant Discharging Current




Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Long Pulse)


Maximum duration: 3min


Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Short Pulse)


When battery temperature is below 50℃, the maximum discharge can last 30s


Standard Discharging Temperature


Cell Temperature


Absolute Discharging Temperature


No matter what the discharging model is, once the temperature of the cell is above the absolute discharging temperature, discharging should be stopped.

With the repeated charging and discharging, the battery's capacity will gradually decline. The number of charge-discharge cycles a battery can go through before it reaches 80% of its rated capacity called cycle life.
For full specifications, please see the manual attached - below the main product photo.


Continuous Discharge Current: 250A

Charrge Voltage: 14.6V

Continuous Charge Current 250A

Overcharge Voltage 3.7V

Overcharge Release Voltage: 3.6V

Balance Detect Voltage: 3.2V

Balance Current: 30mA

Over Discharge Voltage: 2.6V

Over Discharge Release Voltage: 2.7V

Over Charge Current: 375A (1 second)

Over Discharge Current: 375A (1 second)

Short Circuit Delay: 320 uS

Charge Temperature: -5 to 55C

Discharge Temperature: -30 to 60C

Self Consumption (with Bluetooth): 15mA

Main Circuit Resistance: <20 mOhm

Over Discharge Current (sleep): 50uA

Working Temperature Range: -20 to 70C

Dimensions: 221 x 130 x 32mm


5-YEARS after-sales guarantee. If there is a serious non-compliance with the technical standards of A-grade cells not meeting the following:

  • the cell capacity must meet or exceed 80ah 
  • capacity tolerance within 1.5 Ah
  • voltage tolerance within 5 mV 
  • resisitance tolerance less than 0.2 milliohm



Daly guarantee a 3-year product warranty, if the damage is caused by improper operation, we will conduct the repair with charge. The warranty does not cover shipping costs, the cost of shipping both to and from the user must be paid for by the user.



The assembly of the cells and BMS is a free service Solar 4 RVs supplies and the warranty provided covers the individual components, not as a single unit.  Therefore, if a BMS failure were to occur, a replacement BMS would be supplied under warranty, likewise if a single cell were to fail, a replacement cell would be supplied to the user.  Solar 4 RVs will replace any faulty cell or BMS into an assembly as a free service if the end user returns the assembly back to base but Solar 4 RVs will not cover any labour costs by a third party.


Failure of LiFePO4 cells is incredibly rare and when an appropriately sized and high quality BMS is used, the failure rate of the BMS is also incredibly rare.

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