Votronic Charge Control 1247

Special order For use with VBCS Triple chargers

Dual charge outputs.

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Dual charge outputs.

The LCD-Charge Control S is a comfortable, easily operable control and operating unit for the chargers of series VBCS Triple. It indicates the status of the individual charging sources, the current charging phase, the voltage of board and starter battery, as well as the instantaneous charging current.

During solar operation, the instantaneous solar power (W) and the energy values (Wh and Ah, which can be reset to "zero" at any time) for own statistical purposes are displayed. At the push of a button, the mains charging mode of the VBCS Triple can be switched-on or -off manually or the capacity can be reduced (AC Power Limit), such as in case of weakly protected country current. A special protective function avoids the reactivation of an erroneously switched-off mains charging, if the board battery runs the risk to become totally discharged.

The large, clearly arranged display is illuminated and offers excellent legibility with very low current consumption. Retrofit of the unit, also subsequently, is easily possible by means of the plug-and-play connection, and due to the compact design it can be installed at almost any location.


Controllers according to the MPP technology are continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) of the solar modules several times per minute. The voltage surplus of the solar module will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery (realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency). This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system.

  • Main Charging Port I: Automatic charging and conservation of charge of the (main) board supply battery
  • Auxiliary Charging Port II: Current and voltage reduced for recharging as well as trickle charge of the vehicleŸ??s starter battery, thus ensuring continuous starting capacity
  • Continuous control, full batteries by immediate recharging in case of current consumption
  • Automatic charging programs adjustable for gel, acid/lead-acid, AGM/fleece and Lithium batteries for optimum charging results
  • Very low own electricity consumption, high efficiency
  • Connection for Battery Temperature Sensor for temperature compensation
  • Indicators for operating state "Full", "> 80%", "Charging", "MPP" and "Low Voltage"
  • Control output EBL, prepared for Ÿ??ElektroblockŸ?� with solar current display, cable set, Art. 2007, required


Nominal Operating Voltage (DC) in [V] 12
 Capacity Solar Module max. [Wp] 165
 Current Solar Module max. [A] 10.0
 Voltage Solar Module max. [V] 50
 Charging Current Batt. I / II max. [A] 11.8 / 1.0
 Characteristic Line of Charging IU1oU2
 Battery Type adjustable Acid/Lead-Acid, Gel, AGM, LiFePO4
 Current Consumption Stand-by in [A] 0.004
 Overcharge Protection yes
 Reverse Current Protection (during the night) yes
 On-board mains suppression filter yes
 Number of Charging Ports 2
 Protection against Overload, Overtemperature, Short-circuit yes
 Connection for Temperature Sensor yes
 Compensation of voltage loss on charging cables yes
 Connection for LCD-Solar-Computer S yes
 Signal Output "EBL" for Display "Solar" Charging Current Battery yes
 Temperature Range [°C] -20 to +45
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm] - Dimensions incl. mounting flanges, without connections 131 x 40 x 77
 Weight in [g] 190
 Mark of conformity (CE)  
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:  max. 95 % RH, No Condensation


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