Solbian SXX HJT Series Custom Flexible Solar Panel

Intrinsically Bifacial Heterojunction Cells

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In the SXX series the monocrystalline solar cells are electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface, resulting in thousands of contact points. This alternative to the standard bus-bar method allows a higher module power and increases the energy yield. A technology optimally suited to flexible modules, due to its intrinsic insensitivity to micro-cracks, that are the most common cause of energy loss in solar modules.

The SXX series comes at the same size of standard 6 inches cell panels but generates more power, thanks to its silicon-based heterojunction solar cells (HJT) that offer more than 23% of efficiency. When compared with panels of the same nominal power, the SXX prove to harvest more energy due to HJT cells being intrinsically bifacial, an important feature especially when panels are encapsulated in a transparent sandwich and installed with the back exposed to indirect light. To top it all, HJT cells perform better than others in hot climates, thanks to very low temperature coefficients. Another advantage is a reduced sensitiveness to shading, pushed to the extreme in the Guardian (G) models where several bypass diodes are inserted thanks to an innovative cell layout. 


  • High resistance to mechanical stresses thanks to the thin wires thick mesh on the cell surface
  • Flexible and lightweight (2.2 kg/m2)
  • Very high efficiency (> 23%)
  • Low temperature coefficients (at high temperatures HJT cells show an efficiency drop 20% lower than standard silicon cells)
  • Extra energy obtained thanks to the bifaciality, especially important for applications where the rear side of the module intercepts the reflection of light
  • Completely waterproof and resistant to salt water
  • Thin (less than 2 mm)
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Available with different front sheets, many fixing and electrical wiring options
  • White, black or transparent back sheet
  • Adaptable to any battery: from 5 to 48 volt, lead-acid or lithium
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Special Order Options:
    • Non-standard panel configurations are possible, e.g. 3-cell wide
    • Smooth or matte top sheet
    • White, black or transparent backsheet
    • Zippers (many colours available from Sunbrella range - please contact Solar 4 RVs to confirm availability)
  • Point of sale options:  
    • 316 stainless steel eyelets (fitted by Solar 4 RVs)

SXX Series recommended for bimini applications



Please see attached PDF.

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