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What to consider when buying solar products:

  • "Is the product/system robust and suitable for your particular application?"
  • "Is it lightweight enough for your towing weight?"
  • "Will it fit into/onto the space you have available?"  (we can provide custom sizes)
  • Is it easy to install?
  • "Will it link into your existing equipment?"
  • "Will it meet your power consumption needs?"

We are happy to assist you - email or phone us (see the
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The advantages of Solar Power

Solar power allows you to keep your batteries charged without the noise or the maintenance.  New solar panel technology is lightweight, easy to install and surprisingly affordable. 

Flexible solar panels are particularly suited to caravans, motorhomes and boats as they do not have a frame or glass top and do not require mounting structures.  They simply adhere using an adhesive sealant or VHB tape.

The same technology is available in canvas backed portable solar panels that fold into a small satchel size.

Solar Simplified

An overview of solar power for caravans, motorhomes and other Recreational vehciles (RVs)

How does solar power work? 

Very simply, energy from the sun is collected (via solar panels), stored (in batteries), and then used as 12 volt (V) power or converted into 240 V power when you need it (via an inverter).

Diagram of solar power system on a caravan

The Our Kits page has more information about how we can make up a kit to meet a variety of requirements and needs.

The Installation page provides an overview of how the solar panels are installed.

The FAQ page has extensive, detailed information about solar power, solar power systems and products.
The Our Products page has more information about each product and its benefits plus links to fact sheets and manufacturer data sheets.

What are the main Solar Power components on a caravan / RV

and what do they do?

Why have solar on your caravan, boat or other RV?

The biggest advantage of having a solar power system in your Caravan, boat or other mobile application is the independence you will acquire from not being reliant on mains power. 

Most modern caravans and motorhome manufacturers include a 12V or 24V battery system that is charged by your vehicle's alternator while the engine is running or by a battery charger when connected to 240V.

This means while you are driving or when you are connected to the electricity grid, for example at a caravan park, your batteries can be charged.

If you wish to stay in a remote location without access to electricity for an extended period without driving around, then you require an alternative power supply to charge the battery.  Generators or running the car engine is an option but most people who wish to enjoy nature do not want the noise and prefer an easier, more sustainable option.