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ETI Solar Power Protection

Larger mobile solar systems will require the same protection devices as used in fixed residential and industrial systems. 

Photovoltaic systems are composed by photovoltaic panels, cables, fuses, switches, overvoltage arresters and power inverter.   Photovoltaic panels utilise the power of sun light to converters photons to DC current.  Electricity generated by solar panels is then fed into a power inverter that converts DC current to AC current. gPV fuse has been developed to protect cable and panel against "reverse" over current. ETITEC B, C-PV series of over voltage surge protective devices has been developed to protect against direct and indirect lightning discharges and is intended to protect photovoltaic systems.  The circuit topology consists of two varistors stages each protected by a thermal disconnection device.

We can supply any product from the ETI range which is manufactured in Germany, Poland and Slovenia.  

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