Rigid Solar Panels

Rigid Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline and Multicrystalline PV Panels are suitable for mobile applications where weight can be accommodated such as bus/coach conversions, houseboats or if you only require a small system.

Advantages when compared to flexible solar panels:

  • cheaper per watt;
  • they will run cooler as they have an air gap because of the mounting brackets.

Disadvantages when compared to flexible solar panels:

  • the frame and glass surface means they are thicker and heavier; 
  • mounting brackets mean they are not low profile.

GSun 120W - Fixed Solar Panel - Silver Frame

1120 x 670 x 30mm - Monocrystalline Cells

RRP $149.00

Now $119.00

On Sale

GSun 330W - Fixed Solar Panel - Black Frame

1690 x 1002 x 35mm - Half-Cut Mono PERC Cells

RRP $299.00

SunPower Maxeon3 395W - Black Rigid Solar Panel

1690 x 1046 x 40mm - SunPower Cells

RRP $720.00