Solbian SX Day4 Series (Special Order)

In the SX series the monocrystalline solar cells are electrically connected using ultra-thin copper wires that form a very fine mesh on the cell surface, resulting in thousands of contact connected points. This alternative to the standard bus-bar method allows a higher module power and increases the energy yield. A technology optimally suited to flexible modules, due to its intrinsic insensitivity to micro-cracks, that are the most common cause of energy loss in solar modules. Another advantage is a reduced sensitiveness to shading, pushed to the extreme in the Guardian (G) models where several bypass diodes are inserted thanks to an innovative cell layout. The new connection technology, together with the use of high efficiency silicon cells, make SX panels especially powerful and reliable.






  • High resistance to mechanical stresses thanks to the thin wires thick mesh on the cell surface
  • Flexible and lightweight (2.2 kg/m2 )
  • Completely waterproof and resistant to salt water
  • Thin (less than 2 mm)
  • 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Integrated bypass diodes to minimise output losses associated with partial shading
  • Up to nine bypass diodes in the Guardian models, to fight even better the effects of shadows
  • Available with different front sheets, many fixing and electrical wiring options
  • White, black or transparent back sheet
  • Adaptable to any battery: from 5 to 48 volt, lead-acid or lithium
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy

Day4Energy’s laminated cell with patented Stay-powerful™ Technology, uniquely interconnects solar cells and collects the power they generate. This innovation is a direct replacement of the conventional, high temperature solar cell soldering process. Cells are connected using a matrix of electrically-efficient copper wires coated with a custom, low melting point alloy. This technology guarantees high efficiency in low light conditions and wires act as a “bridge” across any interruption: if a microcrack occurs, the electron flow continues.

On the front of the cell electrically-efficient copper wires form a mesh that creates a very high number of connection points. High efficiency also in low light. 

The unique rear pattern offers an optimal contact ground and allows for complex geometries. Broad customization capabilities and long-lasting electric contacts.

All Solbian panels in this category have White Backsheets, Textured Surfaces and Junction Boxes on Top.

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