RADpower PremiumPlus

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The next generation of high efficiency solar panels is here - RADpower PremiumPLUS

SunPower has released a the new higher efficiency A grade Maxeon Gen III cell so less cells are required in a flexible solar panel to obtain the same output of power.  

RADpower PremiumPlus flexible solar panel with the highest efficiency SunPower cells available

These panels have the same features as our RADpower Premium flexible solar panels but the RADpower PremiumPlus with Sunpower Gen III cells have a higher efficency with higher voltage at a slightly lower amperage. The dimensions are reduced because less cells are required to obtain the same output power. 

The output at higher temperatures has also been improved.  

These panels have a more pronounced, even tougher, textured, robust surface compared to the Premium range.


  • Highest efficiency - made with genuine A grade SunPower cells (no seconds);
  • Premium quality - ETFE top layer for UV resistance and textured surface for extra robustness;
  • Lightweight - no glass or frame;
  • Thin - only 3mm thickness;
  • Sealed junction boxes to prevent moisture penetration that can cause corrosion;
  • Easily installed -  via adhesive sealant, high bond double-sided tape (no mounting brackets required).
  • Eyelets or zips can be easily added


Sizes available


RADpower Premium Plus
Sizes Weight Number of Cells Voc - Open Circuit Voltage Vmp - Maximum Power Voltage Imp - Maximum Power Current Isc -Short Circuit  Current
110w 2.3 32 23 19 5.7 6
120w 2.6 36 25.5 21.7 5.7 6
135w 3 40 28.3 24.1 5.7 6
150w 3.3 44 31.2 26.5 5.7 6

STC:  Standard Test Conditions:  Incident sunlight of 1,000 W/m2, cell temperature of 25°C, Air mass 1.5.

An explanation of how to read solar panel specifications is available in our buyer guide available here


The Sunpower company limits the size of flexible solar panels manufactured using their cells to 150W.  The failure rates for larger panels increases due to mechanical and thermal stresses on the panel.


The advantages of ETFE technology

ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) is a high-strength fluorine polymer that is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self cleaning, and retains its clarity (and therefore light transmittance) ensuring long service life for solar panels.

It will not discolour or degrade from exposure to environmental pollution, UV light, harsh chemicals or extreme temperature variations.  The textured surface offers an extra layer of protection and robustness and provides a small increase in efficiency due to its anti-reflective properties, which means more light passes to the cells.

Read our report explaining the reasons to invest in ETFE


The importance of using genuine A grade SunPower cells

Solar panels containing SunPower E20® series cells developed in the US are the highest efficiency panel available on the market today, providing more power in the same amount of space. Efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight hitting the panel that gets converted into electricity therefore a higher panel efficiency means that the panel can generate more power.  These cells capture significantly more sunlight and conduct more electrical current than other solar cells.  Our manufacturer is one of only a few manufacturers in China that has certification from SunPower and access to genuine SunPower cells and provides the SunPower certificate of origin.


Monitoring quality

Premium flexible solar panels with ETFE technology for quality

These Monocrystalline PhotoVoltaic (PV) flexible solar panels carry the Solar 4 RVs brand RADpower logo so we are very focused on consistent quality and reliability. 

Our manufacturer has a clear understanding of our Australian quality expectations and customer needs.  They manufacture to our specifications for each order we place.  This ongoing professional relationship and communication facilitates reliable and consistent stock quality.  We have visited the quality in China as part of our continuous improvement and quality control program.

We do not purchase other ‘grades’ of cheaper off-the-shelf panels that may have overlapping, damaged or inferior cells, sharp edges, unsealed junction boxes or silicone partially blocking cells near the junction box. 

Our support and warranty service is unmatched.


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Choosing a controller/regulator


150W slim junction box 1460x545mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


135W slim junction box 1320x545mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


135W square junction box 1380x545mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


120W slim junction box 1200x545mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


110W slim junction box 1060x545mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


110W square junction box 1130x545mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


82W Black, ETFE, 3 Cell Wide, Slim Junction Box 3m Cable, 1060 x 420 x 3mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


69W White, ETFE, Textured, Slim Junction Box 2 cell wide

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer


55W White, ETFE, Textured, Slim Junction Box 1070 x 285 x 3mm

Geniune SunPower MAXEON GEN III cells and ETFE top layer