Solar Panel Combiner with diodes

Our solar panel combiner designed by our engineer is assembled on site and joins two or more panels together with blocking diode protection.

Flexible solar panels contain bypass diodes that minimise the effect of shading but not blocking diodes prevents the back-flow of current into the shaded panel so you get the maximum power from the panels in the sun.

This circuit card enables 2 or more panels to be combined via low loss blocking diodes.


Smart Bypass Diode - SM74611

15A, Vr 30V, Vf 26mV at 8A


10A IDEAL Bypass Device LX2410A

10A, Vr 33V, Vf 67mV at 8A


Photovoltaic Protection Schottky Diode SB15H45

Use as blocking or bypass 15A, Vr 45V, Vf 500mV at 7.5A