Adhesives and Tapes

The products below are suited for various applications.  Please read the product details carefully to ensure you choose the right product for the job you have.

The Very High Bond (VHB) tapes below have been tested to ensure they are strong and highly elastic to minimise stress on the solar panel that can be caused by differential thermal expansion or movement. These tapes conforms to rough, textured surfaces and has a wide range of applications for joining, sealing waterproofing and vibration absorption.

Roll of Acrylic VHB double-sided foam tape 2.3mm thick x 12mm wide x 16.5m length roll

Very High Bond tape for attaching flexible solar panels


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3M Tape Primer 94 0.66mL ampoule

Improves wettability of low surface energy materials


Fix15 Adhesive Sealant 290ml Cartridge WHITE

Single-component MS Polymer, chemically neutral


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Fix15 Adhesive Sealant 290ml Cartridge BLACK

Single-component MS Polymer, chemically neutral.

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Fix8 Structural Silicone 300ml Cartridge TRANSPARENT

Single-component silicone - neutral cure


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Fix8 Structural Silicone 300ml Cartridge WHITE

Single-component silicone - neutral cure

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Sika SG 20 High Strength Structural Silicone Adhesive 300ml tube

Single-component silicone - neutral cure


Butyl Tape high bond double sided 10m roll

White 1.5mm thick x 20mm wide x 10M length roll

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