Flexible ​Solar Panels

Flexible ​Solar Panels

Born to work well even in particularly difficult circumstances and under heavy mechanical stresses typical of extreme ocean racing, the photovoltaic module "SOLBIANFLEX" is a true revolution in the field for the high efficiency never achieved by a light and flexible panel and for the outstanding resistance to weather and degrading agents such as thermal shock, fog and salt water, solar radiation and shocks (can be walked on). The panel is made of special polymers selected by researchers of CNR, a patented technology.

Solar 4 RVs™ is the Australia and New Zealand importer of Solbian products.

Marine grade Solbian (Italian made) premium solar panelsare flexible, lightweight, extremely powerful and resistant to the harsh operating conditions of the marine environment. 


We have a range of German made Votronic products with conformal coating in stock, for example solar charge controllers and battery monitors.  We can also order in any product from the Votronic catalogue.

Rigid Solar Panels

PV solar system protection



Deep Cycle AGM Batteries

LiFePO4 Batteries

Battery Protector

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers/Regulators

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We have a range of products suitable for the marine environment.  

There are many factors to consider, particularly shading, humidity and salty environment.

Products need to be:

  • robust;
  • durable;
  • lightweight;
  • efficient;
  • easy to install.

Feel free to phone us to discuss your particular needs whether you are adding to, or replacing an existing system or installing a new system.

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Thin - only 3.0mm;

Lightweight - the 135 W panel is only 2.4 kg; 

Semi-flexible - bendable up to 30 degrees;

A range of sizes in stock:  

       18W,  30W,  60W,  100W,  110W, 120W        & 135W

Other sizes by special order.

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Blue Sea

Blue Sea Systems designs and manufactures AC and DC electrical products engineered to withstand the demanding applications in marine and specialised vehicle electrical systems.  Products are manufactured in Bellingham, Washington and distributed worldwide.  We can order any product from the product list.

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Solar products specifically suitable for the marine environment include: 

Victron Energy products for marine applications

A range of Victron Solar Charge Controllers are fully potted

Compact Portable Solar Panel Pack ideal for boats

Compact, portable solar panel pack with 10mtr extension cable and wateproof controller.  These high efficiencypanels have a canvas backing (no glass or frames) and fold up into a carry bag size.

For more information, specifications, and prices go to our Portable Fold-up Solar Panel page

Monocrystalline Flexible Solar Panels with SunPower E20® series cells 

   SunPower E20® series cells were developed in the US and capture significantly more sunlight and conduct more electrical current than other solar cells.  Solar panels containing SunPower E20® series cells are the highest efficiency panel available on the market today, providing more power in the same amount of space.  Efficiency refers to the percentage of sunlight hitting the panel that gets converted into electricity therefore a higher panel efficiency means that the panel can generate more power.

​  These Monocrystalline panels made in China are thin, lightweight and semi-flexible.  We tested them and found they are non-slip if walking on them with aqua shoes and most sneakers but they can be slippery with bare feet or thongs/flip-flops.  Walking on the panels however should be avoided where possible as a point load could cause damage to the cells.   ​ 

​The panels can be permanently installed using adhesive sealant or VHB tape or temporary installation is an option using eyelets provided at each corner or zips.

These panels carry our Solar 4 RVs brand so we monitor the factory quality carefully and inspect and test each panel before delivery to the customer.

Marine flexible solar panels and products

for boats, ​catamarans, yachts, cabin cruisers and houseboats

multi-award winning family company

providing engineered solutions





To view the Victron marine technology brochure download the Victron Energy Marine Brochure


White or black panels;

Eyelets in each corner or no eyelets;

Junction Box on top, underneath or no JB;

Zips can be attached by your canvas machinist or sailmaker who can easily sew them on after purchase.

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Portable Solar Panels

LCD Dual Battery  Voltmeter

Battery Temperature Sensor

Battery Computer/Monitor