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  • Easy to store - folds up to compact size;
  • Easy to carry - folds into canvas bag style with handle;
  • Easy to manage - no frames or glass;
  • Lightweight;
  • High Efficiency - SunPower E20® cells at 20% to 21.5% cell efficiency. These monocrystalline portable fold-up solar panels require the least amount of surface area to generate the same amount of power when compared with polycrystalline and amorphous thin film panels;
  • Value for money - Monocrystalline SunPower® solar cells also have a longer lifespan than thin film solar cells so these portable fold-up solar panels will generate its rated output power longer than thin film portable solar panels. 
  • Stable output power;
  • The cable is UV resistant and rated for outdoor use.

​Amorphous thin film portable solar panels are usually around 8-12% efficiency and therefore require much greater surface area to generate the same amount of power and usually cost more.​

Portable, Fold-up Solar Panel CLEARANCE

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IMPORTANT: Why portable panels need a separate Solar Charge Controller?

These portable fold-up panels are high powered solar panels and are intended as an alternative, or supplement, to the solar panels mounted on the roof of your caravan / RV. The SunPower® cells are significantly more high powered than the more common portable amorphous camping panels.  If you connect the portable fold-up panels directly to your battery you run the risk of overcharging your battery.  They should therefore be connected via a suitable solar controller to charge the battery(ies). 

The Controller MUST be connected to the battery BEFORE it is connected to the solar panels.  For the efficient charging and proper management of the state of charge of your battery, the solar controller must be located close to your battery.  This is why we provide a separate controller.

The older style heavy glass topped and aluminium framed folding panels and some thin film blanket panels often have a solar controller integrated behind, or next to the panel.  Such an arrangement is not ideal as the long cable connecting the solar controller to the battery results in up to double the amount of power lost in the cable and reduces the efficiency of the charging process.

Therefore these portable panels are supplied with: 

  • A cable attached to the portable panel with either Anderson connectors or MC4 PV solar connectors;
  • 10 metre length of extension cable (or 2 x 5 metre cables) with Anderson or MC4 PV solar connectors at each end; ​
  • A waterproof and dustproof 120W (10 Amp) solar charge controller/regulator with Anderson or MC4 PV solar connectors (to connect to the panel or the extension lead) plus either ring lugs or Anderson connector (to connect to the battery).  This controller has 12V or 24V, 3-stage battery charge function.

​​        If you prefer to upgrade to a Votronic MPPT Solar Charge controller please let us know.

​ Delivery costs not included