PRICE (incl GST)

Full Kit$1030 which includes:

  1. 150W portable solar panel with SunPower cells, ETFE top layer and 2m cable pre-attached with genuine grey Anderson connector
  2. 5m extension lead with genuine grey Anderson connectors at each end
  3. Dutch brand Victron MPPT  75/15 solar charge controller/regulator 
  4. Two 0.9m cable connectors for the Victron solar charge controller - one for connecting to battery via grey Anderson (lugs optional) plus second for connecting to panel or extension cable via genuine grey Andersons 

Panel Only $895 includes:

  • 150W portable solar panel with SunPower cells, ETFE top layer and 2m cable pre-attached with genuine grey Anderson connector
  • 5m extension lead with genuine grey Anderson connectors at each end

 Benefits of ETFE 

  • Stain resistance and easy to clean:  Sunlight reaching the solar cells is obviously a key component of efficiency.  Due to the non-adhesive surface properties of the ETFE, these panels are less likely to hold pollutants which can block the sun as deposits of dirt, dust, and debris do not stick and are washed away by the rain resulting in a “self-cleaning” effect.
  • Durable: The film is durable, highly transparent and very lightweight with a thickness of only 0.5 millimeter.  The film will not discolour or structurally weaken over time.
  • Longevity:  ETFE is robust and unlikely to degrade from exposure to environmental pollution, UV light, harsh chemicals or extreme temperature variations.

Non-slip textured coating:  The panels have a non-slip textured surface ideal for the marine environment.  The textured surface offers an extra layer of protection and robustness.  

Warranty:  2 years

IMPORTANT: Why portable panels need a separate Solar Charge Controller close to the battery?

These portable fold-up panels are high powered solar panels and are intended as an alternative, or supplement, to the solar panels mounted on the roof of your caravan / boat or while camping. The SunPower® cells are significantly more high powered than the more common portable amorphous camping panels.  

If you connect the portable fold-up panels directly to your battery you run the risk of overcharging your battery.  They should therefore be connected via a suitable solar controller to charge the battery(ies). 

The Controller MUST be connected to the battery BEFORE it is connected to the solar panels.  For the efficient charging and proper management of the state of charge of your battery, the solar controller must be located close to your battery.  This is why we provide a separate controller.

The older style heavy glass topped and aluminium framed folding panels and some thin film blanket panels often have a solar controller integrated behind, or next to the panel.  Such an arrangement is not ideal as the long cable connecting the solar controller to the battery results in up to double the amount of power lost in the cable and reduces the efficiency of the charging process.

Therefore these premium portable panels with ETFE are supplied with: 

  • 2m cable pre-attached with Anderson connector;
  • 5m length of extension cable with Anderson connector fitted at each end; ​
  • Optional Dutch brand Victron 75/15 solar charge controller/regulator (15 Amp) with Anderson connector (to connect to the panel or the extension lead) plus either ring lugs or Anderson connector (to connect to the battery).  

​​        If you prefer a German made Votronic MPPT Solar Charge controller please let us know.

Premium 150W portable solar panel with ETFE
Premium 150W portable solar panel with support legs
Premium 150W portable solar panel with ETFE top layer

Electrical specifications

Cell type:  Sunpower E20 cell (back contact monocrystalline cell)

Cell arrangement: 32 half wafers in series in each sub-panel.  The 3 sub-panels each are nominal 50W are in parallel

Cell peak power at standard test conditions (STC):  1.6W peak per wafer giving total of 153.6W peak

Panel peak power and tolerance at STC:  150W ±3%

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp):  17.9

Current at Pmax (Imp):  8.55

Open circuit voltage (Voc):  21.1

Short circuit current (Isc):  9.15

Ambient Temperature (note 1):  -40℃ to + 45℃

Panel operating temperature:  -40℃ to + 85℃

Temperature Coefficient of Pmax:  -0.38%/℃

Temperature Coefficient of Voc: -0.27%/℃

Temperature Coefficient of Isc:  +0.05%/℃

STC = Standard testing conditions(STC)- 1000W/m²; 1.5AM, cell temperature 25℃

Premium 150W portable solar panel with extension cable in pouch

150W ​Portable panel Specifications

Cell encapsulation:  EVA

Surface material:  ETFE (textured)

Backing material:  FR4

Canvas colour:  Black (colourfast)

Support legs:  Three aluminium legs with black canvas cover  (One at the centre of each 50W panel)

Eyelets:  316 stainless steel (10 on panel and one at the bottom of each support leg)

Dimmensions (mm)

Folded:   H; 545  W;  545 Thickness; 20

Unfolded panels:  H; 1995  W; 545  Thickness; 4mm

Weight: 5.2 kg + 0.7kg extension cable

Cable and connectors

​Cable gauge: 4mm2

Pre-attached cable length: 2 metres

Extension cable: 5 metres

​Connectors: SB50 Anderson Grey (Genuine)

Three 50W monocrystalline flexible solar panels made with high efficiency SunPower E20 cells are encapsulated in a tough black canvas which folds into a neat carry case arrangement. The backing is FR4 which is flame resistant and has excellent electrical insulating qualities.

The solar panel's top clear layer is made of ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) which is a high-strength fluorine polymer that is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self cleaning, and retains its clarity (and therefore light transmittance) ensuring long service life . It will not discolour or degrade from exposure to environmental pollution, UV light, harsh chemicals or extreme temperature variations.  The surface is textured for extra robustness.

There are support legs that fold out to support the three panels to face the sun, each having eyelets for securing to the ground with pegs. There are a further 10 eyelets to enable various configurations for securing the panel. Two metres of cable is pre-attached plus a 5m extension cable is included in the rear pouch all fitted with genuine Anderson connectors.

​A kit is available with a Dutch brand Victron MPPT 15A solar charge controller and cables to connect the controller to the battery and the panel or extension cable.

Panel usage

The panel is designed as a portable solar panel and is not recommended for permanent installation.
It will not be affected by a salty atmosphere such as in coastal areas and on boats however a wash/hose-down with fresh water is recommended after use.


$995.00 incl GST for full kit​​

NEW Premium Portable 150W Solar Panel 

High efficiency monocrystalline with ETFE top layer and robust textured surface

multi-award winning family company

providing engineered solutions




  • High Efficiency - SunPower® solar cells at 20% to 21.5% cell efficiency

  • Robust ETFE top layer and textured surface, FR4
  • Lightweight - 5.2kg;
  • Easy to carry - slim canvas bag style with handle;
  • Easy to store - three slim 50W panels folded together;
  • Easy to manage - no frames or glass;
  • Easy to use - only two folds required to unpack and pack up plus in-built support legs so panels can face the sun;​
  • ​​​Versatile - 2 metres of cable pre-attached plus 5 metres of solar extension cable with Anderson connectors so you can be in the shade whilst the panels are in the sun;
  • ​The cable is UV resistant and rated for outdoor use.
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Victron 75/15 15A solar charge controller/regulator
Victron 75/15 15A solar charge controller/regulator
150W premium portable solar panel has thee 50W panels
  • Best solar charge controller option - Premium Dutch brand Victron 15A MPPT solar charge controller not attached to the panel as the solar controller should be located close to your battery (see note at bottom of this page);
  • ​Value for money - ​These monocrystalline portable fold-up solar panels require the least amount of surface area to generate the same amount of power when compared with polycrystalline and amorphous thin film (blanket style) panels. Amorphous thin film portable solar panels are usually around 8% efficiency and therefore require much greater surface area to generate the same amount of power and usually cost more.​
  • Long life-span - Monocrystalline have a longer lifespan than thin film solar cells so these portable solar panels will generate its rated output power longer than thin film portable solar panels. 

What is ETFE

Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene (referred to ETFE) is made from an artificial high-strength fluorine polymer, which is corrosion resistant, highly stain resistant, highly elastic, is easy-to-clean, has high light transmittance, and boasts long service life. ​​