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Flexible Solar Panels on motorhome

Flexible Solar Panels on campervan

Flexible Solar Panels on motorhome imported from Europe

Rigid Solar Panels mounted with adjustable slant to capture sun

2  Flexible solar panels being installed

Flexible Solar Panels on motorhome

Votronic MPPT 420W controller/regulator plus remote LCD display

Flexible Solar Panels on camper roof

Flexible Solar Panels on camper roof

Flexible solar panels set-up as portable

3 Votronic MPPT 165W solar controllers fitted to cater for different size panels and different locations

special order black 82W flexible solar panels to fit Kimberley Karavan

Thermal imaging testing on Flexible solar panel using various cooling methods

Flexible solar panels on boat deck

Flexible Solar Panels on bimini of 38ft Mustang boat

120W portable foldup solar panel

Votronic Solar Charge Controller

Testing MPPT v PWM Solar Charge Controller

Votronic LCD displays for MPPT controllers

flexible solar panels on caravan

compact 120W portable foldup solar panel

walking on 120W wet portable foldup solar panel

holding 135W next to 100W flexible solar panel

black and standard flexible solar panel

testing small flexible solar panels

flexible solar panels on Jayco caravan

flexible solar panel on trade trailer

135W flexible solar panels on slide-out tray on motorhome

custom all black 63W flexible solar panel on motorhome

custom all black flexible black solar panel on ute using thin aluminium sheeting underneath

Flexible solar panels installed onto boat fibreglass with adhesive 

four flexible solar panels on emergency services generator trailer

3 x 120W flexible solar panels on boat canopy

Custom all black solar panel on front of  pop top

3 installed of 8 x 135W flexible solar panels on 21ft caravan

Photo Gallery of customer installations and products

The photos below have been taken by the Solar 4 RVs team or sent in by our customers.  

Thank you to our installers and customers that have shared their photos.

Solbian Photo Gallery

Rigid solar panel on bus

6 of 9 flexible solar panels installed on Mitsubishi Canter

solar panel isolators

3 Victron solar controllers/regulators fitted on converted bus

Rigid Solar Panel modules on coach

2 Flexible panels on 4WD tent pod