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General Solar System Questions:

Q 1. In simple terms what is a solar system for an RV?
Q 2. Why use solar power?
Q 3. Is it possible to power an RV entirely by solar power?
Q 4. What size solar system do I need?
Q 5. Does the solar system make hot water?
Q 6. What components do I need?
Q 7. Does Solar 4 RVs use the latest and most efficient technologies?
Q 8. Do I need to worry about the weight of the system? How will it impact on my towing capacity?
Q 9. Will the solar system components be robust enough for off-road travel?
Q 10. How do I monitor how my system is performing?
Q 11. Do I need to get my solar system insured?
Q 12. If I upgrade to a newer RV can I take the system with me?
Q 13. Why should I buy my solar power items from Solar 4 RVs?

Solar Panel Questions:

Q 14. What is a solar panel?
Q 15. How does a solar panel work?
Q 16. What is the difference between monocrystalline, polycrystalline and amorphous solar panels?
Q 17. How many solar panels will I need to produce enough electricity for my RV needs?
Q 18. I’ve heard that PV cells suffer from surface polarisation which reduces solar power output. Is this correct?
Q 19. How can my RV support solar panels on the roof - aren’t solar panels heavy and thick?
Q 20. How much weight will the solar panels put on my caravan / RVs roof?
Q 21. Will the solar panels damage the RVs roof or void the RV warranty?
Q 22. How much space will I need on my RV for solar panels ?
Q 23. How are the solar panels attached to the roof of the caravan / RV?
Q 24. If the panels cannot be mounted on my roof are there any other options?
Q 25. How long will the panels last?
Q 26. What happens if it is cloudy and there is no sun?

Battery Questions:

Q 27. Why do I need batteries?
Q 28. What type of battery do you use and why?
Q 29. How is battery capacity calculated?
Q 30. How long will it take to charge my battery?
Q 31. Can I charge my battery in another way, for example if there has been no sun?
Q 32. Can my batteries be protected against over discharge?
Q 33. How many batteries will I need?

Other Product Questions:

Q 34. What does the solar charge controller do and why do I need one?
Q 35. Your Solar Charge Controller has Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – what is this?
Q 36. What information does the battery computer display provide?
Q 37. What does the inverter do?
Q 38. Why do you use Pure Sine Wave Inverters when they are more expensive?
Q 39. What electrical cables will be used in the system?

Installation Questions:

Q 40. What is involved in installing a solar system onto my RV?
Q 41. Do I need an electrician?
Q 42. Will I need any permits to install the system?

Maintenance Questions:

Q 43. What are the maintenance procedures and costs?
Q 44. What warranties/guarantees do you provide?
Q 45. How can I get more information or assistance with my purchase?

The questions below have been grouped into similar themes.  Click on the question and the answer will appear.  To make an answer disappear click back on the question (i.e. clicking on the question toggles the answer on and off).  There are quite a few technical aspects so if after reading the answers below you are unclear about any of the topics we will be happy to speak to you or reply to your email. Contact details are on our Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions - Solar Power for caravans and RVs

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