Enerdrive 200Ah B-Tec Gen2 Battery / 40A DC-DC Combo/Bundle Configurable Kit

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Configuring a house battery system to run your caravan/RV fridge and lighting system needn’t be confusing. Solar 4 RVs has designed this kit to include everything needed to charge your house battery and keep the basic appliances running. Simply choose how many batteries, your DC-DC and Mains/AC charger and the select the appropriate accessories. These kits are even easy enough to DIY providing you have the right set of tools.

Kit Inclusions

This kit includes:

  • Enerdrive 200Ah B-Tec Gen2 Battery
  • Enerdrive 40A DC-DC Charger

Add a Second Battery

If adding a second battery get a $100 off applied as a coupon at checkout!

DC-DC Charger Wiring Kit

The DC-DC wiring kit includes:

  • 8m of 6 B&S twin cable
  • 3m of 6mm2 twin cable
  • 70A Maxi fuse and fuse holder + spare fuse
  • 60A Circuit Breaker/Switch
  • 2x 50A Grey Anderson Connectors
  • 1m of black 12/4 glue lined heatshrink
  • 1x Link to suit 6 B&S
  • 10x M6 Lugs to suit 6 B&S
  • 10x M8 Lugs to suit 6 B&S
  • 4x M10 Lugs to suit 6 B&S

Mains/AC Charger

Pick your favourite charger!

Mains/AC Charger Wiring Kit

The Mains/AC wiring kit includes:

  • 1m of 4 B&S red
  • 1m of 4 B&S black
  • 80A Circuit Breaker/Switch
  • 4x M6 Lugs to suit 4 B&S
  • 4x M8 Lugs to suit 4 B&S
  • 4x M10 Lugs to suit 4 B&S

Battery Monitor

A battery monitor is a handy device that will display the state of charge of your battery even while its being charged.  They also show data such as, current in/out, battery voltage, time until discharged/recharged