Combo: 1 x 125W Smart-wire lightweight solar panel with install kit

includes very high bond tape and polycarbonate strips

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RADpower Smart-wire-connection-technology solar panels contain high performance and high reliability solar cells with 19 wires interconnecting each cell and have a tough UV resistant top layer of ETFE.


  • 1 x 125W Smart-wire lightweight solar panel 1350 x 540 x 3mm (Vmp 21.6V, Imp 5.93A)
  • 2 x Acrylic very high bond (VHB) double-sided foam tape 2.3mm thick x 12mm wide 
  • 23 x 8mm thick twin-wall polycarbonate cut transversely into 15mm wide strips and 535mm length
  • Detailed instructions with diagrams, and photos


Benefits of using this installation method:

  • The twin-wall polycarbonate strips create an air gap which reduces heat and temperature related stresses which means better performance and improved longevity of the panel.
  • The very high bond tape accommodates thermal expansion differences between the solar panel and the surface it is installed on.


Using a vented air gap underneath a flexible solar panel


Product descriptions


RADpower 125W lightweight, flexible solar panel

  • Highest efficiency available - genuine Maxeon Gen III cells.  SunPower has released a new higher efficiency cell so fewer cells are required in a flexible solar panel to obtain the same output of power.  This means that you can purchase the same amount of watts in a panel with a more compact size.   The cells are supplied directly by SunPower to our manufacturer. 
  • Manufactured to our specifications - All Panels are tested for EL (electroluminescence) to check that there are no invisible micro-cracks in the cells.  IV curve test with flash sun simulator checks that the panel outputs the rated power.
  • ETFE top layer for UV protection
  • Textured surface for robustness
  • Lightweight 


Twin-wall polycarbonate strips

The cross-cut strips of twin wall polycarbonate allows air flow under the panel from any direction to remove heat directly from the underside of the panel.


Acrylic very high bond (VHB) double-sided foam tape 

This is a very high bond acrylic foam tape is strong and conformable, which makes it very suitable for attaching flexible solar panels to solid surfaces.  

The strength of this tape has been tested in-house under a variety of conditions including extreme cold and heat. 


Detailed instructions

The comprehensive document covers topics such as:

  • Direction of strips
  • Levelness of strips
  • Panel curvature
  • Placement of strips
  • Spacing and number of strips
  • Strips at junction box end of panel
  • Handling the panels
  • Do’s and Don’t of bending panels
  • Protecting the panels during installation
  • Safety
  • Installation Steps
  • Junction box care
  • Installing multiple panels
  • Connecting up sequence
  • Removing a solar panel


Features of RADpower Multi-Mesh solar panels

  • Latest technology - Smart-Wire Connection Technology (SWCT):  
  • Tough - UV resistant ETFE top layer
  • Lightweight - 2.8kg for 130W panel
  • Thin - 3mm thickness
  • Flexible - Suitable for curved surfaces
  • Can be stepped on with soft sole shoes

Multi-wire interconnection technology more efficient than bus-bar

Features of Smart-Wire Connection Technology (SWCT):  

  • No bus bars so less eletrical loss during transfer
  • More effective power generation - dense wire mesh matrix enables increased power extraction
  • 20.6% efficiency and low light performance
  • Cells more resistant to cracking


RADpower Multi-mesh cell inter-connection solar cell technology







No. of cells 40 cells  (10 x 4 )
Weight 2.7 kg
Dimensions (mm) 1350 x 540 x 3
Peak power (Pmax) 125Wp
Open-circuit Voltage (Voc) 25.4
Max power voltage (Vmp) 21.6
Short-circuit Current (Isc) 6.28
Maximum Power Current (Imp) 5.93
Cell Type Monocrystaline silicon
Panel thickness 3 mm
Junction box height above panel surface 17 mm
Cable type PV1-F, 4mm2 (tinned copper)
Cable length 2 metres
Connectors nil
Operating temperature (℃) -40 ℃ to 85 ℃
Maximum system voltage 100V DC
Power Tolerance ±3 %
STC: Irradiance 1000W/m2, Cell temperature 25℃, AM=1.5.



Product Function and Performance

Product Weight and Dimensions

Shipping Weight and Dimensions

Shipping Weight 4.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.550m
Shipping Height 0.032m
Shipping Length 1.360m
Shipping Cubic 0.023936000m3

2 years


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