Installing flexible solar panels

There are a number of important consideration when installing flexible solar panels.

Guide for installing flexible solar panels is currently under construction


Series or parallel


Blocking diodes v By-pass diodes

A diode is the electrical equivalent to a non-return, or one-way check valve for water, i.e. the diode only allows current to flow in one direction.  

In most cases the two diodes are physically the same however they are installed differently and serve a different purpose.

By-pass diodes: All solar panels have by-pass diodes(s).  They preven current passing through weak or shaded cells.  This prevents those cells from overheating and causing damage to the cell.  In other words it by-passes weaker or partially shaded solar cells by providing a current path around the cell(s).

Blocking diodes: These may be required if you connect more than one panel together in parallel. If one panel becomes shaded a blocking diode would prevent current passing backwards from the unshaded panel into the shaded panel.